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Popular this Month Organize Your Time with Faith by Your Side

Don’t wait to organize your schedule until you can’t enjoy the goodness life has to offer.

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Popular this Month A Prayer for Teachers

As the names of different teachers come to mind, take a moment to lift up our kids’ teachers...

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Popular this Month Why Women Need Other Women

I pray that we let others join our rhythm and our stride as complements and not competition...

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Daily Devotion Articles
  1. Living in the Sunshine
    Living in the Sunshine Melissa Horvath
  2. Ducks in a Row
    Ducks in a Row Melissa Horvath
  3. Always the Same
    Always the Same Melissa Horvath
  4. Active Worship
    Active Worship Melissa Horvath
  5. Having Endurance
    Having Endurance Melissa Horvath
  6. Spread Joy
    Spread Joy Melissa Horvath
  7. Praying in the Storm
    Praying in the Storm Melissa Horvath
  8. Leaving the Past There
    Leaving the Past There Melissa Horvath
  9. Pray and Rejoice
    Pray and Rejoice Melissa Horvath
  10. Be Gentle With Yourself
    Be Gentle With Yourself Melissa Horvath
  11. Being Happy for Others
    Being Happy for Others Melissa Horvath
  12. Scripture and Peace
    Scripture and Peace Melissa Horvath
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