The Importance of Community in Bible Journaling

Bible journaling is such a fun and exciting way to express our faith and God’s love through the Scripture and creativity. We love finding new ways to create art in this way, learning new things from God’s Word, and we especially love doing all of this in community. Bible journaling is such a great way to connect with Scripture on a creative and deeply personal level, but it’s also a tremendous opportunity to connect with friends who are also striving to deepen their faith.

Gathering together with others who have the same heart and vision for living their faith, sharing all of the supplies and ideas, and just encouraging each other wholeheartedly can be so beneficial to your faith journey. You can bounce ideas off of each other when it comes to creating the art in your Bible. You can talk through what a verse means and how it can be applied to your life. You can share what God is teaching you, or what He has taught you in the past from the Scripture you're working in. True community gives us opportunities to grow that we may not find when we do things on our own. We have Bible journaling groups that meet all over DaySpring and outside of it, in churches, in sorority houses, in teacher’s lounges, in homes. We hope that the spirit of community can draw you closer to the Lord and to each other.  

One of the Bible journalers here at DaySpring shared her story with us. “God laid on my soul the thirst for female community. When the ladies here at DaySpring invited me to join their Tuesday/Thursday Bible journaling lunches in 2017, I knew I needed to say yes. I had been Bible journaling alone since 2015, but it’s much more enjoyable to ‘art together’… As a group of Christian women, we would bring our burdens to each other for prayer and wisdom. It never failed, whatever pre-planned Scripture we worked on together would Biblically tackle the burden one of us had brought with us to the Bible journaling session. It was always so fun seeing how God was working solutions in our lives through our Bible journaling time together!!”

Below are a few guides that we’ve shared over the years on how to host your own Bible journaling get-togethers with others and create a community of like-minded women who use Bible journaling to live their faith. Do you have a community of women that you Bible journal with? We’d love to hear your story, how your group came together, and what you’ve learned about God, each other, and yourselves through that process!

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