How to Host a Bible Journaling Girls' Night

Bible journaling is a tremendous opportunity to connect with friends to #LiveYourFaith! Some of our best Bible journaling time has been spent gathering a small (or sometimes large…) group of friends together, putting supplies in the middle of the table, throwing the rules out the window and just encouraging each other as we illustrate our faith together.

Want to host a Bible Journaling Girls' Night with your besties? Here are some quick and easy steps to do just that:

When: Pick an hour or two at a convenient time (even a lunch hour works great!). 

Where: Your house, the church, a picnic table, or a table at the coffee shop are all fine! You just need to have room for each of you to sit together and enjoy each other’s company.

Supplies: Ask newbies to pick up a journaling Bible, or a journal works fine too! Add your favorite Bible Journaling supplies. 

Food, coffee, drinks? Yes, please. But don’t feel like you need to do it all yourself! Consider asking each participant to bring a small snack or beverage to share.

At your Girls’ Night:

1. Thank everyone for coming! Say “woohoo” for a great girls’ night out!  Remind everyone they do not have to be an artist to do this. Just let God lead, and know they can’t make “mistakes” with this!

2. Begin with prayer. Ask God to lead the group, to remove any “I-can’t-do-this” feelings, and to help everyone connect in the Word!

3. Spend time with God. Consider listening to a worship song, read a devotional or maybe check out “7 Bible Verses Perfect for Journaling” on for Scriptures to get you started.

4. Be fearless and have fun! Take those big ideas to the margins of your Bibles and journals. Do it fearlessly, and forget the rules!  (Say it with me: “There are no mistakes here!”)

5. Encourage everyone! Take the last few minutes and ask everyone who wants to do so to share a little about what they did in their Bible. What did they take away from the Scripture? What did they think of doing this together?  We think you’ll find that everyone is surprised at how well they’re able to connect with the Scripture or lesson as they do this for the first time.

6. Pick the next date. Before everyone heads home, why not pick another time to get the group together?  It’s a great way to have some fun, laugh and cry and share together, encouraging each other as you get into the Word and get creative! 

Finally, we hope you’ll share some of your pages with us!  Post your pages on Facebook or Instagram and hashtag #IllustratedFaith#DaySpring and #GirlsNight, and we might just share your personal masterpieces in DaySpring social media! Have fun illustrating your faith!

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