Return Policy
What is DaySpring's Return policy?

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may return your purchase within 30 days of the ship date. See more details on our returns and exchanges page

Tax Policy
Do I pay tax on my purchase?

Tax will be charged where applicable according to state rules. Tax amount is calculated based on product recipient's state tax rule. Taxes vary by state and product purchase type (Merchandise, apparel, digital dowloads and services). Tax charges will be reflected at order checkout. Some churches are tax exempt. Call DaySpring Customer Service at 1-877-751-4347 for additional information.

How can I utilize my tax-exempt status?

Register an account with and email a copy of your Tax Exempt certificate with your Federal Tax ID # on it to Thereafter, your account and future orders will automatically reflect tax exemption.

Shipping Policy
What shipping options are available from DaySpring?

For a detailed list of shipping options, please view our shipping information page.

How do I modify or cancel my order?

Due to the quick processing time at our distribution center, we are unable to cancel or modify an order after it has been submitted.

Site Feedback and Company Information
How can I submit a suggestion, complaint, or other feedback about this web site?

Please read through the FAQ posts first to see if your suggestion, complaint, or feedback is addressed there. If not, please visit our contact us page.

How did DaySpring Cards begin?

Two pastors in Covina California , Dean Kerns and Don Leetch, started a printing press in one of their home's garage. They felt the call of God to print tracts and stickers that spread the news of Jesus Christ to the generation in the 1970's. Then in 1974, an artist, Russ Flint, and a writer, Roy Lessin, caught the vision and began developing cards for Don and Dean to market to Christian stores and DaySpring Cards was born.

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Can I donate to DaySpring's ministry?

DaySpring Cards is a for profit business. We make and sell quality Christian cards, calendars, and gifts to grow the business. We strive to glorify God in all of our business practices. Since we do operate as a for profit organization, we do not solicit donations to support our business.

How can I let you know how a DaySpring Cards product has touched my life?

We love to hear how our products have helped you to share your heart and God's love with those you love. Please tell us how DaySpring's products have helped your life or the life of a friend or family member. Submit your story.

How can I become a DaySpring retailer?

Visit our retailer services website to learn more about how to become a DaySpring retailer.

Site Technical Help
How can I do a "force reload" on my browser to fix a possible issue?

If using Windows, press ctrl + F5. If using a Mac/Apple, press command + R

Permissions and Submissions
Can I download your art, copy or music for my own use?

DaySpring Cards and its business partners own all of the rights in and to the art, flash design, text, music, and sound used on our web site. Generally, we do not allow downloading art, images, text, music, or sound from our web site. There are exceptions to this rule, and under certain circumstances we will grant permission for you to copy DaySpring owned art or copy. If you would like to copy something from our web site, please read the instructions on our permissions / copyrights page.

Can I copy or download some of your art or copy for my church's use?

If you would like to copy something from our web site for your church's use, please read the instructions on our permissions / copyrights page.

How do I submit my work for DaySpring's consideration?

Please read our editorial Submission Guidelines. We are not liable for returning any unsolicited submissions or for offering any products that in any way might be similar to unsolicited submissions.

DaySpring is currently not accepting any unsolicited product, photography or art submission. We consider it a compliment that you thought of DaySpring and pray the Lord will provide another window of opportunity for your ideas.

Due to an overwhelming volume of ideas submitted, our policy is not to return any unsolicited submissions.

Can you tell me how to copyright my art, music, or poems?

We are not licensed or authorized to give out legal advice about copyright law.

DaySpring Products
Where can I find out more about Christian products?

You can shop at your nearest Christian Retail store shown on our retailer locator. There you can find a wide selection of Christian books, music, gifts, and greeting cards. You can also shop here on our website.

What products do you have for people affected by life's hard struggles?

DaySpring makes perpetual calendars, journals, and greeting cards that have encouraging sayings and Scriptures for many of life's hard times, such as sympathy, get well, encouragement, friendship. We have a line of cards called "A Time of Need," that has cards for specific and varied occasions such as going through a divorce, recovering from an addiction, and losing a child. These cards can be found at a Christian store near you.

What Bible versions do you use?

We use a mix of many different versions of the Bible available in print today. We use more King James Version than any other versions. We also use the New International Version, The Message, The New American Standard Version, The Living Bible, The New Living Translation, the New Century Version, along with many others.

Why don't you use only the King James Version on your products?

Our talented editorial staff takes their job of matching Scripture to the message of the card very seriously and strives to use the best version that supports and completes each message of hope, encouragement, celebration, and friendship.

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