The Ministry of DaySpring

At DaySpring we are committed to the publication of greeting cards as a ministry. We believe the ministry of our cards is found in the truth of Scripture and in the heart of God. We see greeting cards as tools to help Christians communicate their hearts and God’s heart to the hearts of others. The quality of our cards is meant to enhance the presentation of its message.

It is our purpose to create greeting cards that are relevant, meet specific needs, help express God’s loving intentions for mankind, and bring encouragement in the Lord.

We believe the ministry of DaySpring cards can touch others for good by bringing hope, encouragement, and comfort to those who are hurting. This ministry can also act as a seed to plant truth, a messenger to bring good news, a flower to spread joy, or a friend to show care and concern. Each DaySpring card is an opportunity, given by God, to speak something positive, wholesome, and redemptive into the life of someone else.

The use of Scripture is a vital part of DaySpring product. Through it we communicate the heart of God to others.

Submission Procedure

DaySpring does not accept, purchase, or assume responsibility for any unsolicited ideas, inventions, artwork, concepts, photography, or writing for use in our greeting cards, gift books, specialty gifts, or other product lines and formats. We are not liable for returning any unsolicited submissions or for offering any products that in any way might be similar to unsolicited submissions. Due to an overwhelming volume of ideas submitted, our policy is not to return any unsolicited submissions.

Statement of Faith

For more information about DaySpring's values and beliefs, view this page.