Setting Your Faith Intentions For 2023 With Your Word Of The Year

We’re a few weeks into 2023, but it’s never too late to set your intentions. Who do you want to be this year? What are your goals? What would you like to focus your time and energy on?


If you’re seeking inspiration to guide you through 2023, take our Word of the Year Quiz. This quiz helps you to explore your inner thoughts and hopes for the new year and connects them to a word sourced from Scripture. The word you land on will give you something to focus on and return to each day to guide your thoughts. 


How will your word help you set intentions for this year and connect more deeply with your Faith? Read on to find out.


If your Word of the Year is Presence, your goal for 2023 is twofold: first, you must embrace God’s presence in your life; second, you must be present in your own life.


It’s so easy to get distracted these days. You’re sure to have hundreds of things to do and places to go. You multitask when you can and rush through errands to check them off the list. Whether it’s working long hours or driving your kids from soccer to swimming or meal-prepping for the week, you have a lot on your plate.


This year, stop and be still. Take a moment to rest and appreciate where you are and who you are. Notice the blessings that God has given you and take the time to truly appreciate them. In the midst of busy days, find gratitude. Experience and know God’s presence.


Start each morning with thanks and prayer by using a daily gratitude journal. The All Things are Possible Journal lets you greet each day with a line of Scripture, then gives you space for prayer and reflection on your day. The Seven-Minute Morning Journal offers morning devotions and thought-starters for reflection. Or you can use any notebook — or even a notes app! — to write down reasons to be grateful every day.


For those busy afternoons running errands, tuck an Inspirational Keychain into your bag. Then, when you’re waiting in line or after you finish packing up the car, take a moment to remind yourself of God’s blessings and promises with a brief line of Scripture and prayer.


If your Word of the Year is Confidence, your 2023 task is one of self-love — to know that you are exactly who God has called you to be, so you should be confident in yourself and trust in God.


It is so easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others and finding yourself lacking, feeling like you’re not as pretty, as smart, or as wealthy as someone. Spend just a few minutes on social media and you’ll be inundated with your connections’ successes and celebrations.


Remember: you cannot compare your journey to someone else’s. What God has planned for them and asked of them is different from His plans for you. God loves you exactly as you are. He is leading you along a path made just for you. This year, open your heart to God’s love and trust that you are perfect in His eyes.


Amanda Pittman’s 100 Days of Life-Changing Confidence is a devotional journal that uses Scripture readings and prompts to guide you on a journey to self-confidence. Start each morning exploring your identity in Christ and let the declaration inspire you for the day.


You can also spend this year with our Hope & Encouragement Bible. This book features the full text of the New Living Translation of the Bible along with reading plans for each of the 12 Indisputable Truths about who you are in God. Consider which feeling is holding you back from being truly confident, then follow the reading plan to recognize and explore God’s heart for you. This Bible also includes wide margins so you can take notes as you read.


Surround yourself with reminders of God’s love for you that will inspire your confidence throughout 2023, like a new faith-filled necklace, the I Am Enough mug from Katygirl, or the Beautiful Capable Worthy crew socks from Mary Square.


If your Word of the Year is Freedom, you are being called to be free from worry and trust in God’s plan.


You may feel trapped in your life’s path for various reasons. Maybe you aren’t feeling supported by your friends. Maybe someone has broken your heart and hurt you deeply. Maybe you are unhappy in your career or at home. Whatever it is, you feel trapped in that situation and that feeling.


Understand that God has a plan for you and everything you are experiencing is a part of your journey for a reason. This year, instead of fighting Him and questioning Him, open your heart to Him. Trust in God and he will lead you to freedom.


Bridgette Reed’s devotional book Release: 90 Days to Embrace God's Plans for Your Life helps you find ways to recognize what God is asking you to do and discover the path he is laying out for you. Let Go by Katy Fults aka KatyGirl features 60 beautifully hand-lettered devotions that invite you to let go of your worries, stresses, and whatever else is making you feel trapped and instead put your faith in God.


If you are feeling trapped in disagreements and anger, read Come Sit With Me, a compilation of stories from our (in)courage community. These writers share their experiences navigating complicated relationships and share their learning moments. Consider working through a journal to navigate your own journey of forgiveness and acceptance.


If your Word of the Year is Rooted, your goal is to reset your focus on God this year. Spend time developing deep roots in God and your faith will grow.


You may be feeling frazzled and flustered in your life. The November and December holidays are an especially busy time, and then you have to spend January catching up on all the little things you set aside. That’s on top of the bustle of your everyday life!


Instead of getting lost in all of the busyness, turn to God. God is always there for you to guide you and give you purpose. This year, root yourself in your faith and keep your focus on God first and foremost.


Start and end each day reflecting on God’s love and His Word with Jennifer Gerelds’s flip book of Morning and Evening Promises. These daily devotions will root your day in faith and help you to notice God’s presence alongside you from morning until night. Sopha Rush’s devotional journal 100 Days Of Living Deeply Rooted will help you reframe your thoughts and live your faith every day through devotions, prayers, prompts, and more. 100 Days of Less Hustle, More Jesus by Shanna Noel takes a more fun and casual approach as she reminds you to lean on God, even on your busiest days.


As you begin to lead a faith-forward life, choose a Prayers To Share booklet to pass along God’s blessings to your loved ones. Choose a thoughtful gift for a friend to share God’s love. Add one of our YouVersion reading plans to your Bible app for spiritual guidance on the go. Whenever you start to get caught up in your busy day, take a break and remind yourself that God is with you — and he always will be.


If your Word of the Year is Connection, you may be looking for a community to call your own this year. You are surely a strong and powerful person alone — but God created us with a need for community and fellowship. Spend 2023 building strong connections with friends, family, and God.


If you’re not part of a Bible Study group, now is a great time to join one. Find the right Bible for you from our wide selection of styles and translations. Be sure to get a Bible cover like our Faith, Hope, Love Organization Bag that makes it easy to bring your Bible, notes, pens, and any other essential materials to your meeting.


Don’t have a local group? That’s okay, too. Study Bibles like the Thinline Reference Bible from the DaySpring Signature Collection are created to pair with the free Filament Bible app. This app provides access to digital resources created to enhance your connection with God’s word and deepen your understanding. You can also join our virtual (in)courage community and read along with our regular Bible studies.


Share God’s word and His love with loved ones by sending a greeting card. It doesn’t need to be any specific occasion — just send a card to tell someone you are thinking of them, that you are grateful for them, or that you hope they are doing well. You can even share an ecard to send a quick hello! Our Prayers to Share: 100 Pass-Along Notes to Celebrate Friendships book provides a simple yet thoughtful way to connect with your friends, too.

Living Your Faith In 2023 With DaySpring

No matter what guidance and support you need this year, DaySpring has the materials to help. Shop our Christian products for everything from books to home decor made to amplify your faith. Read our blog for reflections and ideas for each season. Like our Facebook page to join our community of people just like you. And, no matter what, place your trust in God this year.