Let my cry come right into Your presence, GOD; provide me with the insight that comes only from Your Word. Give my request Your personal attention, rescue me on the terms of Your promise. Let praise cascade off my lips; after all, You’ve taught me the truth about life! PSALM 119:169–171 THE MESSAGE 

Crazy plant ladies have a natural knack for growing plants, but we also love learning about them. Plant guidebooks are a wealth of knowledge for us. There are books on plant identification, plant care, and even the etymology of plant names. Anything and everything a person could want to know about plants can be found in a botany book somewhere. 

Guidebooks are especially helpful when something happens to our plants that we don’t understand. We may see them not looking their best and know they need help, but we don’t always know the solution. We turn to the guidebooks. 

The Bible is God’s guidebook to humanity and our instruction for living. Especially when we don’t understand what is happening in our world, we can look to the Bible for clarity and encouragement. The Bible isn’t full of happy-ending stories, but it does tell of a Hero who saves the day. 

The Bible is full of stories of real people going through real trouble and needing real help. We see God in His faithfulness rescuing people repeatedly, delivering precisely what they need when all hope seems lost. In turmoil, we see His faithfulness and peace. In grief, we see His faithfulness to comfort. In wandering, we see His faithfulness and provision. In fear, it’s His faithfulness that gives courage. 

God’s Word is healing for our present hurts, promise for an eternal future, and record of His faithfulness throughout all time. When we open our Bibles expecting to meet Jesus, we will find Him on every page. No search will turn up empty. Everything we need, every answer we seek, and every moment of rescue is found in God. We see that we can trust Him, and He will never let us down. 

I’ve thrown myself headlong into Your arms— I’m celebrating Your rescue. I’m singing at the top of my lungs, I’m so full of answered prayers. Psalm 13:5-6 THE MESSAGE 

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