Your Lantern and Compass

It’s not hard to lose our sense of direction in this big world. Even the smartest of adventurers have to pull out their GPS to make sure that they are still on track. If not, things can go sideways in a hurry. 

Expert hikers know that first you need to decide where it is that you want to end up. Your final destination is the goal that you are reaching toward, and typically it is worth the physical effort. Before you set out, you’ll want to study the map and make sure that you have your flashlight packed as well as a compass so that you don’t end up walking in circles. In fact, as you stop periodically for water breaks it’s important to pull that compass out and check yourself. True north never lies and will keep you on track to your destination. As night falls, your flashlight will guide your feet along the path to safety, getting you one step closer to your destination. 

All these tools were seen as valuable to the psalmist as he set out to reach his ultimate destination, the sacred mountain of the Lord in Psalm 43:3 (The Message), we read, 

Give me Your lantern and compass, give me a map, so I can find my way to the sacred mountain, to the place of Your presence. 

Before he set out on his hike, he knew that he needed a lantern, a compass, and a map. But notice that he asks that the Lord give him “Your lantern and compass.” These weren’t the regular accessories you can buy at the local sporting goods store. These were tools given to him by the Lord. The lantern would light his way upon the path when the darkness came, and the compass would steer his feet in the right direction according to true north. 

Such tools are also available to us in our spiritual life. God graciously gives us the light and truth of His Word to guide us to the most wonderful of places, His presence. 

God, we want Your lantern and Your compass to guide us as we walk through this life. Keep us on Your path and in Your presence. 

April Rodgers 
Made to Shine 

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