Walk in Freedom

Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you.  (Proverbs 4:25 NLT)

We as humans have so many differences: different cultures, different races, different beliefs, and different life stories. But there is one thing we all have in common, and that is regret. Just seeing the word can bring heartache, grief, pain, even anger (at ourselves) for decisions and actions we would love to do over if given the chance. 

Looking back on past mistakes can be a life killer if we’re not careful. It can lead to beating down and berating and opening old wounds, which only deepens the scars. But when we’re looking for a golden lesson to be learned—about ourselves, about other people, and about God—it’s not only healthy, it’s healing. We must confess what we’ve done and look back in order to find and process the lessons about what we will never do again. Once that’s done, it’s our cue to look forward and not look back. Ever. Only the lesson goes with us to help us on our future journey in life. 

Looking forward and not looking back is hard because the painful memories resurface at any given trigger of that time or place. The weight of shame can be heavy, making it difficult to have joy in the present moment. Embarrassment can cause us to hide from the judgment of others. But Christ took all those consequences on himself—he carries them now. And through the power and strength we have in him, we can walk—even run—forward in freedom from those shackles. 

As long as we fix our eyes and hearts and minds on Jesus, we can’t look back. His presence is before us; his voice calls us to himself and where he wants us to go—places filled with love, forgiveness, power, and healing. Our living hope lies in Christ, not in our past. 

Lord, thank you for your healing and forgiveness for my past mistakes. Help me to see the lesson you want for me and to carry it with me now and in my future. I will fix my eyes on you, my beautiful Savior, and not look back. In your power I pray. Amen. 

Lisa Stilwell 
God’s Truth in Troubled Times 

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