The Lasting Gift of a Christmas Card

Every year, approximately 64 percent of all Americans take the time to sign, seal and send Christmas cards to their friends and loved ones. Why send Christmas cards, you ask? Well, we asked our Instagram followers the same question. The answers we received were truly inspiring. While many card senders see their efforts as a traditional means to bringing joy and happiness to their friends and family during the Christmas season, many others also see it as a sharing opportunitya way to share God’s love with both believers and non-believers. Here is a quick look at some of their answers:

“I love sending out Christmas cards because it's a chance to share the story of Jesus's birth and the reason we celebrate Christmas. I send Christmas cards to family and friends near and far and to missionaries just to let them know that we are praying. We also send some out to those who are in the armed forces to show our support and to let them know we care. Sending out a card is a personal thing and I know that people appreciate the time it took to send it. It just makes me happy.” - Suzie

“I love sending Christmas cards because it's such a personal way to stay connected with loved ones!! I still have Christmas cards my great grandparents gave to me when I was little!” - Courtney R.

“I love getting to send out Christmas cards that share the gospel to family and both believers and non-believers! Thank you for making Christ-centered gifts!” - Jennifer E.

“I love sending out Christmas cards because I know they always make me happy when I get them. Who doesn’t want to spread some love and kindness?!? The best ones to receive are from my Mum's family in England (they have the prettiest cards!) Because I have never really had a relationship with them...yet they have never missed sending me a Christmas card in all my 41 years!!” - Shannon

“Receiving Christmas cards makes me take a moment during the busy holiday season. I like to think about the person or family that sent the card and how they came into my life.” - Michelle

“There's just something special about a handwritten note - love including a special memory and a special wish for the recipient!” - Linda N.

“It’s a wonderful way to keep in touch with distant friends and family. Plus it’s always nice to receive a thoughtful note in the mail instead of just junk! I love getting them myself!” -  Ruth S.

“I love love LOVE sending out Christmas cards. I like to send mine early. Initially I would send them early in December to cross it off my list. But you know what? My heart changed on that in a big way. I stopped seeing it as something to mark off my list and viewed it as ministry. I write a note in each card and believe that just receiving the card and having to stop and savor it along with a personal note gives a person time to savor and reflect on Christ's goodness. After all, He is the ultimate gift to the world.” - Angel P.

“We send out cards to hopefully make an impact in even the smallest way to people we love - to shed a little light into their lives.” - Susan A.

“I love sending out Christmas cards because it is such an easy way to make someone smile.”-  Kirsten N.

“I love to send out Christmas cards because I love to spread beauty, cheer, and love! Jesus is the reason for the season and what better way to celebrate?!” - Lorea E.

At DaySpring, we couldn’t agree more with our Instagram friends. We believe that greeting cards are a personal expression, a tool for communication, and a means for building and strengthening relationships. We also believe that Christian greeting cards in particular are something morethey are a ministry! By combining Scripture with a caring sentiment and a personal, handwritten message, DaySpring Christmas cards can speak words of life into your loved ones’ holiday season. And, honestly, what is more beautiful than that?

Check out our more than 150 beautiful, Scripture-filled Christmas Cards to find just the right sentiment for your list this year. Want to send an uplifting message right now? We also have a large selection of Ecards - each with the uplifting, amazing message of the pure hope, joy, love and peace that is only found in our loving Father, Christ Jesus.

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