The Best of Creation

When God called the universe into being, our world was flawless. Imagine unspoiled earth and sky, land and seas, flowers and fields, mountains and valleys. What a breathtaking sight the world must have been, because God created everything absolutely perfect, inside and out.

In our lives, we create things. We might establish a home for ourselves and our loved ones. Many among us build products or provide services to buyers, clients, and customers. Others form or join associations created to help and assist those in need. But are our creations perfect? Far from it, and we know that! But with God's original creation as our high standard, we hold ourselves to high standards in whatever we do. God didn't scrimp or cheat or cut corners when He made the world for us, and that's why what we create-goods or services, physical things or intangible concepts-deserves nothing short of our best effort.

Name the most awe-inspiring nature scene you can think of. Look to a clear blue sky or deep red rose. Let it remind you of the joy, pleasure, and privilege of your ability to create!

In the beginning god created the heavens and the earth.

Genesis 1:1 NASB


For more encouraging devotionals, like this one, we invite you to read Shouts of Joy—a book designed to remind all of the goodness of their heavenly Father.