Prioritize Delight

“Yet they seek Me day by day and delight to know My ways... They delight in the nearness of God.” ISAIAH 58:2 

I used to recite Scripture in my twenties. I’d memorize entire passages and recite them at church or other events. Yet in the busy of motherhood, “missionaryhood,” and just plain life, I had forgotten about this dream of mine. It took getting stranded in Italy to remind me. 

Is there something God put on your heart months—or even years—ago that you felt passionate about back then but somehow it has fallen to the wayside? What would it take to remind you of that purpose or calling? Being stranded in Italy is a good option. I give it a five out of five! But seriously, what would it take to remind you of the calling God has placed on your life?  

And if you are living out your calling, what would it take to revive that passion inside you for doing it? Because we can live for God without loving God. It’s called the “busy Christian life.” When I was working for the NFL player, I was also working full-time for a ministry, ghostwriting for a preacher, and doing a number of other things “for God.” But it took that margin of time, untarnished by the tyranny of anything pressing, to remind me how important it is to simply prioritize delight.   

I literally sat for hours at an abandoned monastery on the side of a mountaintop several thousand steps up, marveling at the brilliant sky. Doing so reminded me that the same God who orchestrated the events in the Bible, who oversaw the events throughout history, and who created such beautiful scenery was the same God who said that He simply wanted me. He wanted me to slow down. He wanted me to take delight . . . in Him. Pretty easy.  

God doesn’t want any of us to go through the motions of ministry or life. He wants us to celebrate why He’s put us here as we delight in Him. The sky doesn’t go through the motions. Neither does the scenery. I doubt men who built monasteries five miles high on the side of a mountain (how? Okay, also why?) went through any motions either. Their motive was delight. Delight in God, their Creator.   

Being present is never about going through the motions. It’s about enjoying the moments you’ve been gifted just as much as you enjoy the One who’s gifted them to you. 

Jesus, increase my awareness and delight in You. Help me to recognize Your hand in my life so I can appreciate You even more. Amen. 

This is an excerpt from It’s All Good: 90 Devotions to Embrace Your Now by Heather Haira devotional now available on Shop all books, journals, and devotions from DaySpring here.