And He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Matthew 4:19 NASB

Salmon swim against the current, migrating from the ocean to the upper reaches of rivers and on to the stream of their birth to lay eggs. This is known as the “salmon run” and it’s popular with fishermen and bears alike. Any fisherman worth his salt knows that most fish swim against the current. Not only does this make it easier for fish to control their direction, it also takes less effort for them to snap up insects and worms. The food comes right to them.

Lots of public swimming pools now have what is known as a lazy river. You throw an inner tube into the water and plop yourself in the middle. You allow the current to take you around the relaxing course again and again until you’re sunburned, and bored to tears. People without conviction or belief run the course of lazy thinking, going with the flow instead of confronting what is wrong and defending what is right.


Swimming against the current of popular belief offers individuals the opportunity to sift through all the facts and opinions that come to them head-on, and to apply some critical thinking. And for believers, God’s Word and prayer should always be a mainstay of that process.


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