Peace Rooted in Love

Even if I had the gift of faith so that I could speak to a mountain and make it move, I would still be worth nothing at all without love. I CORINTHIANS 13:2 TLB 

Everything we do in this world is reduced to nothing if love isn’t our highest goal. We’ll fall short countless times, but grace will carry us back to the starting line again and again. Emotion and exhaustion will get the best of us, and words that shouldn’t be spoken will be said. Anger will be left to simmer until wrong actions boil over. Life is hard, our patience runs out, and the bad news keeps coming. It feels like love has stepped into the shadows while fear, frustration, and falsehood have taken center stage. 

How do we put love in the spotlight when the headlines dim our hope every day and the thing getting all the attention is the pervading darkness? Collectively, we keep loving. We keep seeing the best in people and believing the best about them. We keep trusting that peace is rooted in love, and the One who is love is the way to find true peace. When we cast seeds of God’s love, we plant light everywhere. Before long, the world will get a lot brighter. Spread the love, stay grounded in peace, and hold on to hope. We can do this! 

Every new day is another opportunity to trust God, be at peace, and bring the love. Even small gestures matter in a big way. There’s no such thing as an insignificant act of love. God can do miracles through our lives. Let Him! Love is powerful proof of God’s presence. Love perpetuates peace and highlights hope. It does every good thing that can be done... right now, where we are, through every chance we’re given. 

Dear God, I want love to be my highest priority. Make me a willing vessel of Your miracle working love today. I’ll rest in Your perfect peace and be light in a dark world. 

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