Leaving Your Comfort Zone

I cry out to God Most High, to God who will fulfill his purpose for me. (Psalm 57:2)

Purpose is not supposed to be an ever-seeking, never-finding, illusive, impossible-to-grasp type of thing. God wants you to understand your purpose. Everything you’ve encountered—even the awful things—have been part of your journey. It’s easy to feel as if our imperfections disqualify us from being used by God in a mighty way, but let’s not forget that Jesus hand selected everyday people to be his disciples. His mother, Mary, was incredibly young and must have felt unqualified for a task as massive as raising the Messiah. And then there was John the Baptist, who lived in the wilderness but was the only one heaven anointed to baptize others and make a way for Jesus. God doesn’t use the same faulty, fickle standards of the world. 

He’s not looking for your accomplishments; he’s looking for your availability. However, entering a higher level of purpose with God will require a radical mind shift. The inner beliefs that got you where you are won’t get you into your promised land. It’s time to leave your comfort zone to access your glory zone. 

Lord, help me to be kind to myself and to find joy and purpose in my imperfections. You’ve recruited me because I’m worthy. Mature me, focus me, and equip me with the mindset needed to bring you glory. Amen. 

Marshawn Evans Daniels 
100 Days of Believing Bigger 

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