Lean Back Against Jesus

[John] leaned back against Jesus and asked him, “Lord, who is it?” (JOHN 13:25 HCSB)

Jesus and His disciples had finished their supper together when Jesus shared a stirring He felt in His spirit: someone was going to betray Him. He knew who the betrayer was, but the disciples didn’t and wanted to know. Without missing a beat, John, who was reclined next to Jesus, leaned back against Him and asked.

The thought of leaning back against Jesus brings several things to mind. First, to lean back into someone, we have to be very close in our relationship to them. We don’t lean on someone we don’t know, but rather someone we do. And it would have to be mutual - -they would have to know us really well in order to receive the lean as an appropriate intimate touch.

Next, to lean back into someone takes trust that the other person will hold your weight. You have to know they won’t move away and let you lose your balance, whether standing or reclining. John was obviously both intimate with and trusting of the Savior. That’s because the two of them spent so much time together. The relationship that was built in the day-to-day proved to be a strong bond for the troubled day that was to come. John wasn’t wondering if he could ask what everyone else wanted to, he was already comfortable and assured that it was okay to ask Jesus anything.

This is a perfect example of what is ours when we spend time and share our lives with Jesus every day. In all seasons of life, when we wake, walk, and rest in His presence, we will have a closeness that doesn’t compare. We have inside knowledge from the Savior we otherwise wouldn’t have. We can live side-by-side on some days, and we can lean back against Him on others.

Jesus loves to be in our company. He loves to share about His work and His plans as much as we enjoy sharing ours with Him. He is not only a Savior, He is a friend – the closest friend we could ever have.


I want to be with You all the time. When I rise, when I work, when I am out in Your creation – I want to be with You in all places and situations. You are my Rock and Redeemer, and thankfully, You are my friend.

In Your great name. Amen.

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