Jesus the Savior

She is going to have a Son. You must give Him the name Jesus. That’s because He will save His people from their sins. (MATTHEW 1:21) 

The Advent, or coming, of Jesus—His arrival on earth— was the high point of God’s plans. Adam and Eve sinned in the garden of Eden by disobeying God. From that moment, God was separated from mankind. As a holy God, He couldn’t have anything to do with sin or people who disobeyed. Otherwise, He wouldn’t be holy. God loved mankind, though, and He had a plan to save people from their sins. 

Because of sin, people deserve punishment. What if someone else was punished in our place for the things we did? God planned for His Son, Jesus, to be punished instead of us! That’s the gospel, the good news of the Bible. We can have a relationship with God because Jesus covers our sin. His death on the cross will “save them from their sin.” 

Joseph probably didn’t understand everything the angel said to him. He couldn’t look into the future and understand that the coming baby would die on a cross. He wouldn’t have understood what that meant. 

Do you understand the gospel, the good news? If not, find someone to talk with today and ask for a deeper explanation. Jesus’s birth really is good news, and you deserve to understand it fully. If you do understand, then celebrate the incredible gift from Jesus—you are saved! 


O God, You love us even though we are sinful people. Thank You for having a plan to save us from our sins. Help me to understand Your plan more each day. 

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