Grits and God

By your endurance you will gain your lives.

Luke 21:19 ESV

Want some grits with those eggs?” The word grits doesn’t sound all that appealing, but in Southern diners, the very mention of them gets a stomach to growling—in a good way. Regular grits are either white or yellow, with yellow grits being a bit sweeter and white grits offering up a subtle, velvety flavor. Southerners like their grits served swimming in butter, with syrup, or in the form of cheese grits, which are basically grits with butter, heavy cream, cheese, and a sprinkling of crisp crumbled bacon.

There’s more than one way to prepare grits, and there’s more than one meaning of the word grit. Take the expression “true grit,” for instance. A person with true grit is someone who perseveres through challenges and sticks to their guns, regardless of failures or setbacks. They passionately follow after their goals with unwavering courage and purpose.


A man or woman with true grit is a person of indomitable spirit. Who fits that profile in the Bible? Noah is one. He continued building the ark for over half a century while everyone mocked him. Abraham and Sarah believed God’s promise that Sarah would conceive and bear a child at ninety years old. Moses went back to a stubborn pharaoh again and again with the same demand, “Let my people go!” And Jesus followed through on the plan of salvation though it cost Him His own life.


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