From Weakness to Strength

But as for me, I will sing about Your power. Each morning I will sing with joy about Your unfailing love. For You have been my refuge, a place of safety when I am in distress. PSALM 59:16 NLT 

Life can be trying and overwhelming at times. We face various obstacles and obligations that can make us feel feeble and fainthearted. We experience accusations and afflictions that continuously threaten to drown us, making it an unachievable task to keep our heads above water. It is during these moments that we need to pause and reflect on what is causing our weariness and weakness. 

In such moments, the best thing we can do is to confess our areas of weakness and weariness to the Holy Spirit. We open ourselves up to God and reach out for the refuge of His reassurance. He is always listening to us, and He longs to help us in our times of need. 

As we reflect on our past experiences, we thank God for being our fortress when we need His shelter and protection. We thank Him for being our safe harbor in the storm and for His power and mercy. We can be grateful for all the times when we felt weak and found shelter in Him.  

Even today, we can come before God and ask Him for the strength to make it through the storm, to give us the ability to navigate the waters of this life. We can ask Him to teach us to lean on Him during times of trouble and know that He will never fail us or forsake us. We can ask the Holy Spirit to empower us to have faith in God’s mercy and to remember that defense and deliverance can always be found in Him. We can ask God to teach us to seek Him as our sanctuary and stronghold, to know that He is a tower that will never shake, nor will it succumb to the waves and waters of this world. 

The almighty God is our defender and protector. He is a shield that cannot be splintered or shattered, and He is the Rock on which we can stand strong. Have faith in Him, and trust in His promises this day, and in the days to come. 


God, I praise You, for You are mighty to save. I adore You because Your mercies are renewed each and every morning. I praise You, for You are my Deliverer during my times of distress. I worship You, for You alone have power and dominion over all the earth. I give You my adoration, for You are in control over everything and every circumstance! Amen. 

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