Draw Near in Faith

Come close to God, and God will come close to you. James 4:8 NLT 

When faced with a loss, whether of a loved one or a long-held dream, it’s easy and natural to feel alone and abandoned and ask, “Why would God allow such pain and disappointment? If He is so good and since He could have stopped it, why didn’t He?” During those times, it’s no fault of any of us to think, I thought You loved me, Lord. How could You let this happen? These are times when we analyze and pick apart all that led to our fragmented state, which eventually leads to a final crossroad: Will we walk away from God, or will we continue to seek His face and draw near in faith? 

According to today’s promise, He longs for us to come—just as we are, without conditions. He is waiting to receive our broken hearts, our broken dreams, even our broken faith. He, and only He, can love our shattered pieces back into something that is beautiful and whole, if only we will let Him.  Will you draw close to God today? If you do, He will come close to you. 

Father, it is hard to understand why You would allow such pain in my life. I thought You were a God of goodness and love, yet I feel crushed and confused. This is a time when I come to You in sheer faith because I don’t see You through yesterday’s lens.   

I come to You with all hope that Your Spirit will overtake me and pull me into Your arms of comfort because I need it. I need to know and trust that You’re with me and that You are in control. So please be with me now and help me through this day.  


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