Dangerous Assumptions

You shall not testify falsely [that is, lie, withhold, or manipulate the truth] against your neighbor (any person). (Exodus 20:16 AMP)

Assumptions can be dangerous in relationships because if a wrong assumption is made, then a lie is believed without validation about the truth. When the lie is believed, then you act on it, which becomes a “false testimony against your neighbor.” This is a scenario that happens frequently in relationships. For example, it happens in a marriage when the spouses treat each other almost as enemies because they are assuming the worst of each other.

Checking our presumptions is a very simple yet powerful tool in helping fight against assumptions. When we stop and clarify, we get the truth. Stopping and clarifying sounds like this: “Is that true what you said? Am I correct?” This provides the opportunity for the other to respond to see if what was said was interpreted correctly or if it was misunderstood. Learning to replace assumptions with clarity and understanding brings peace and harmony to relationships. Scripture says it perfectly in Proverbs 17:27 (ESV), “Whoever restrains his words has knowledge, and he who has a cool spirit is a man of understanding.” Ask God to have a cool spirit in and through you when you feel threatened to believe a lie and withhold or manipulate the truth against your neighbor or any person. With a cool spirit, you can then stop and clarify to gain truth.

Tangible Takeaway:

Is there a relationship in your life that needs to be repaired based off assumptions that have been made? Ask God to reveal and guide you in how to clarify any misunderstanding and begin to repair. It is never too late.

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