Colorful Ideas for Autumn Birthdays

Some people are just “birthday” people. You know the ones - they plan a huge get-together at their favorite restaurant, remind you of the big day weeks in advance, and then the day of, they wear a ginormous flashing button that screams “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!”

Then, you have the “non-birthday” people who would rather crawl under a rock than see a group of waiters and waitresses approaching their dinner table singing an up-beat version of the “Happy Birthday” song with free dessert in hand.

Whether they be a “birthday” person or “non-birthday” person, it’s always important to encourage and celebrate those around you - just be sure to do it in a manner that aligns with their particular wishes and wants. Fall birthdays can be especially fun! As the crisp air moves in and shades of orange, red and yellow begin to take over the scene, many of us are ready to celebrate the beauty that surrounds us, and a birthday is a great excuse to do just that. Check out these fun Fall ideas on how to celebrate all your autumn birthdays this year.

1. Plan an outside gathering.

Host a party in your backyard, and let the guest of honor choose who to invite and what to put on the menu. Decorate with words of thankfulness. Maybe adding a few décor pieces such as pillows or wall art will help set the tone for the evening. While you might want to decorate with bright birthday colors, why not take into consideration the beautiful autumn colors that are already surrounding your guests and try to compliment nature’s beauty?

2. Don’t underestimate the power of a handwritten card. 

There are few things in life that are more touching than receiving a personalized, meaningful handwritten note from a true friend. Why not invite friends and family to each write a card? After the festivities, the birthday girl or boy will enjoy reading through the cards - and will hang on to these for years to come. Choose from the over 150 birthday card designs in our Birthday Card shop.

3. Give them the gift of REST

A nice, relaxing birthday is the perfect gift for the mom and dad who hardly ever get a chance to sit down. Offer to stay with the kiddos so that they can take time together to enjoy the crisp autumn air without running after their children.  Or, why not offer to take the children to the park for the afternoon, leaving mom and dad behind to a quiet house, two new books and a couple of new mugs filled with their favorite hot chocolate mix. 

4. Flowers & Balloons - Of Course! 

How does one celebrate a birthday without flowers or balloons? At DaySpring, we just simply don’t know. Fall is the perfect time of year to send bright orange, yellow, pink and red blooms. Not a flower person? Think about surprising your loved one by filling their car with balloons. Flowers and balloons are always nice ways to celebrate a birthday and to brighten a friends’ day.

5. Dress up your fun fall treats.

Try a new fall treat recipe like acorn-shaped cookies, corn cakes, mini apple pies or pumpkin cheesecake fries. How fun would it be to have a group of friends bring a favorite recipe, record them all in a keepsake recipe journal and gift the journal along with the treats? You could even place the goodies on this Gather Wood Serving Tray and leave that with the birthday girl after the party too! In any case, dessert is always ideal for any birthday celebration!

6. Pick the perfect gift. 

It can be hard to find just the right present to celebrate a dear friend or loved one. In any case, you can always bet on a matching gift set - choose from the many options featuring books, journals, mugs, gift bags, and more - all featuring the perfect message or Scripture for your loved one.

Interested in Bible journaling? We have Bible journaling gifts including beautiful journaling Bibles and all the supplies you may need. Starting a Bible journaling journey with a dear friend could be a great birthday gift, but could also help you grow in your faith together for years to come.

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