Clean Slate

I don't know how figure skaters and gymnasts do it. Having points deducted every time you fall has to be intimidating. Viewing their world from the outside makes me so thankful that God skips the points system with us. 

Instead of treating us as competitors before a judge or convicts in front of a jury, our heavenly Father treats us as a dad should. That changes the entire picture. 

As a parent, have you kept track of how many times your kids have fallen down? Or if you don’t have children, did your own parents log how many times you fell? Is the tally in your baby book? No, a loving parent doesn’t dwell on the stumbles. A loving parent cares that his or her child gets up again and keeps going. 

God doesn’t keep an inventory of our sins. That means we don’t have to either. Once we repent, that sin is over and done with in His eyes. There’s no need for us to look back, because God sure doesn’t. Our slates are cleared. Wipe cleaned. His mercies are new. Every single morning. 

It can be hard for us to believe that if we’re strapped with shame or a guilty conscience. But those lingering whispers are not from the Lord. Jesus has already paid the debt for those sins, and thus He has successfully pled our case as our divine Advocate. We’ve been cleared. Case closed. 

The reason it doesn’t always feel closed is because our accuser, Satan, loves to kick us while we’re down and keep us there. His favorite mirror is the rear-view, where what’s behind is constantly in our sights. Jesus, however, sets us back on our feet, points us forward, and clears us to run. 

Every one of us has things in our past that we’d like to erase. I could reel off several right now. What matters is: Have you sincerely repented of that sin or failure to God? If yes, then do you know what the current headline in heaven says about your case? 

ALL CHARGES DROPPED. [YOUR NAME] SET FREE. Believe it! As John 8:36 says: when Christ sets you free, you are free indeed! 

If you, Lord, kept a record of sins, Lord, who could stand? But with You there is forgiveness, so that we can, with reverence, serve You. PSALM 130:3–4 

Jesus, it’s because of You that I’m free of my past. Now help me accept and believe it. Moving forward, may I boldly walk in the truth of forgiveness just as boldly as You work on my behalf. 

Candace Cameron Bure 
100 Days of Joy & Strength 

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