A Prayer for Your Week

This week, we will dig into Scripture about God’s perfect love and wisdom from Journey to the Cross: Forty Days to Prepare Your Heart for Easter, from the (in)courage community.  We will look at replacing the lies that the world would have us believe for the truth that God has for us instead. We all have fears, regrets, guilt and shame that hold us back from believing God’s truth. But, His love overcomes guilt and fear. Our only job is to completely surrender it all to Him – to give Him complete control, so that we can rest in His loving arms, experiencing His amazing peace, abundant joy, and everlasting hope.

Let’s pray for the week ahead:

Dear Father, help us to identify the dark places in our hearts—the ones that constantly remind us of our failures—and help us to release these to Your bright light. We know, Father, that Your love knows no bounds and we don’t have to hide from you. Be with us this week as we strive to give You complete control over every single detail of our lives. Amen

Scripture to focus on this week:

For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. (John 3:17 CSB)