A Beautiful Whole

We who believe are carefully joined together with Christ as parts of a beautiful, constantly growing temple for God. EPHESIANS 2:21 TLB 

There are no accidents or coincidental connections in our lives. We are carefully joined together with Jesus, and every relationship we have is part of His plan for our lives. We are intricate pieces of a beautiful whole. God was intentional about creating us for each other. Nothing is out of place when it comes to the way our lives are intertwined and put together. Our people are ours on purpose. Putting our focus on them is central to our well-being. Then together, keeping our hearts open to others by being expressions of love, care, generosity, and compassion, we honor God and change the world. 

We might not be chosen to reach the masses through books or on stages, but life by life, day after day, we amass the eternal impact for which we’re designed. Each of us is a unique and vital life with a necessary and irreplaceable role to play in the lives of others. Today is going to bring new chances to fulfill God’s will for our lives—and we can be sure they will affect someone else’s. 

I believe You created me to be an important part of Your perfect plan, Lord. Keep my eyes focused on You. 

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