7 Ways to Create a Faith-Filled Workspace

Taking time to think through and organize your office space can be a wonderful way to prepare for a new season. With the busy work days ahead, I really wanted to create a faith-filled workspace that would remind me to rely on Jesus. Nothing can motivate you more than surrounding yourself with a little faith in the workplace. Whether a hectic day full of meetings and deadlines, or a quiet day of steady workflow, these 7 ways to create a faith-filled workspace can be used to regroup and rejuvenate.

1. Use Scripture wall art.

Glancing up from your desk to read a meaningful Bible verse is a wonderful way to encourage your heart in the midst of work time. Christian wall hangings featuring a favorite scripture can lift you up when the day seems to drag. When Moses passed down the commandments to the children of Israel, he told them the laws were to be on their hearts. He gave them several ideas to make this happen in Deuteronomy 6 (NIV) and I love verse 9: “Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates.”

2. Organize with inspiring word/color combinations.

Making lists is a great way to move ideas from visions in our head to visions on paper. Using beautiful paper to write lists will add color to your space and inspiration to your heart. Shop DaySpring's collection of stationery or journals and notebooks for a faith-filled option. What a wonderful way to begin each day or week having thought through and written down these simple reminders!

3. Place a Bible verse card in your drawer.

Each time you pull open your drawer, you’ll receive a powerful reminder of God’s love and care. Scripture Shareables are the perfect way to recall you can do all things through Christ! (Philippians 4:13 NIV)

4. Use sticky prayers for prayer reminders.

Want to remember to pray for someone having surgery this week? Write it out and post it! Need to pray for a specific event in your church or community? Then you’ll love this sticky notes set, perfect for your agenda planner, to help you focus on the prayer needs of your family, friends, and loved ones.

5. Write a verse for the month or week in your planner or on your calendar.

Calendars help you keep track of time and your usage of it. Why not add a verse to your daily planner or calendar routine for one more way to stay motivated and keep going through the day? Bring uplifting Bible verses to your office décor with an inspirational desk calendar, or try a perpetual calendar to begin your day with a short devotion.

6. Play praise and worship music in the background.

Not every office space allows for music, but if you can have a 5 minute praise and worship session, I can guarantee your work will experience a pick-up in pace.

7. Stick some faith-filled moments on your folders.

In the last year, I’ve rediscovered my joy in using stickers. Stickers aren’t just for kids! There are so many ways to use inspirational stickers around your office, whether on folders, binders, planners, calendars or stationery, adding a few words of cheer via stickers creates smiles and heartfelt warmth.

Taking a few moments to create a workspace with splashes of faith will brighten your workdays and spur you on to new heights! These sweet reminders will encourage you to shine God’s light even when tension is high.

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