7 Easy Steps to Start Bible Journaling

You’ve got your journaling Bible and your favorite art supplies ready. So what now? How do you take the blank page in front of you and turn it into a work of art? You can start your Bible journaling journey even if you don’t consider yourself  ‘artistic.’ If you’re ready to bring the pages of your Bible to life through Bible journaling, you’re only 7 easy steps away from completing your first faith-filled entry.

Step 1 – Spend time with God

Before you pick up the journaling pens and paint, take some time with Him. Read a devotional, turn on your favorite worship music, and focus on God. This practice will get you in the right frame of mind so you can make the most of each journaling session.

Step 2 – Pray about it

Pray for God’s direction, and listen. He knows, and He will call you toward the verse that will most benefit you at this time in your life. Reflect upon what He is telling you. Spend some time meditating on His Word.

Step 3 – Write it down

What is God telling you? Grab a journal and jot down any heartfelt words of praise that come to you. What does the verse mean to you, and how can you apply it? What drew you to the verse you are working on? Leave a prayer or ask for guidance.

Step 4 – Draw it

Pull those truths into the margins. For some, this may mean grabbing a favorite journaling pen to express thoughts on the lessons learned. Don’t hesitate to explore your creativity in other ways. Use stickers, stamps, prompts, and paper pieces. Sketch out your idea first, if you want. Then, go ahead—get messy! Add paint and glitter. Don’t get hung up on your mistakes—learn from them. Don’t worry about the end result, but cherish the journey you took to get there.

Step 5 – Date It

This journal is your personal documentation of your journey with Him. You will go back to it over and over again! It will become a keepsake—you may even pass it to your children some day. When you finish your entry, add the date so you can look back and reflect on your spiritual growth.

Step 6 – Tab it

Mark your entries to keep track of themes throughout your journal. Whether it’s a truth you've discovered or a life-changing verse, label it. Washi tape and little ribbon-topped paper clips make great tabs, or find some Bible journaling tabs in a variety of themes. Adding a tab to each entry creates a gorgeous index of your study of His Word.

Step 7 – Forget the rules

The only rule that matters is: this is your personal journey in the Word. Let your faith guide you as you connect with God in whatever way feels most natural. Your journaling Bible will soon become a true testament of your faith, so let it come from the heart.

You’ve finished your first Bible journal entry. It’s amazing, isn’t it? It all comes down to three simple steps, when you think about it. Pray. Create. Repeat. And it couldn’t get much easier than that.

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