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6 Gift Ideas for Your Mom Friends

6 Gift Ideas for Your Mom Friends

It’s nice to have friends who understand - friends who are reassuring, comforting and willing to step into the messy parts of our lives. And, it’s especially nice to have someone who “gets it” as we walk through the seasons of motherhood. Being a mom is a messy, wonderful, chaotic, beautiful journey: one that includes sleepless nights, first words, scary hospital visits, giggles, supermarket tantrums, first days of kindergarten, middle school growing pains, outstanding accomplishments, first loves, driving lessons, let-downs, winning the state tournament, graduation, dorm life and on and on and on. It is a roller coaster of highs and lows. So, one can only imagine how important it is to have mom friends - friends that know exactly what you are talking about when you ask “do you ever get alone time?” or “do you think our teenagers really hate us?” They don’t judge us, but offer a simple reminder: You are not alone in this selfless journey.

This Mother’s Day, let’s not just celebrate the Mom who brought us into this world (although, that’s very important too) but also, let’s reach out to all the mothers in our lives who are encouraging us through our journeys.

At DaySpring, we have several inspirational, Scripture-filled gifts that are sure to remind any mom of where their strength truly lies. Below are 6 great gift ideas that will encourage your mom friends to keep on, keeping on even on their busiest, most exhausting days:

1. This Is the Moment Christian Journal - Journaling is a great way to reflect upon and strengthen your daily walk with Christ. This is something every mother needs.

2. She Believed She Could So She Did - Mason Jar Tumbler - She can take this with her to the gym, the office, the pool - anywhere! It’s stylish and inspiring with the message “she believed she could so she did” (inspired by Philippians 4:13).

3. Sweeter Than Honey - Inspirational Coloring Book - Invite her to slow down, take a moment for herself, and bask in the soul-nourishment that comes from being creative and letting God's Word soak into your heart.

4. Style & Grace - 365 Day Perpetual Calendar - This calendar is a great, daily reminder of who your friend truly is - a sophisticated woman empowered by the One who always puts her in the best light.

5. Braver than You Know Canvas Plaque - Inspire your friend with words of Truth that encourage her to step out of the comfort zones and do all God has purposefully chosen her to do.

6. Her Children Arise - Pewter Pendant Necklace - A delightful reminder that her hard work is not going unnoticed.

In addition to these gift ideas, be sure to check out our entire Mother’s Day Section for more than 130 other inspirational cards and gifts. Looking for a quick way to send your mom friend an encouraging note today? Send her a sweet message from our Ecard Studio, or check out these related articles for more ways to encourage her in her journey:

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Mom friends remind us that we're not alone on this selfless journey of motherhood.
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