5 Ways to Celebrate National Day of Encouragement

National Day of Encouragement, a day dedicated to lifting up others and making a positive impact, is September 12th. In a world of quick text messages and the instant gratification of technology, let’s be a light of inspiration and encouragement to those around us. I love holding onto cards and notes from sweet friends as a tangible reminder of the love and encouragement the people in my life bring me, and it’s also a great reminder to do that same thing for others in my life! Below are five different formats that make it simple and easy to send love and encouragement to your people! 

1. Encouragement Postcards

A postcard is one of the easiest ways to quickly send a note of encouragement to a friend or loved one from a distance. These cards already have an encouraging message and beautiful design on the front, so all you have to do is jot down a quick note on the back, put a stamp on it, and send it out! The convenience doesn’t take away from the sentiment – you’re making that relationship a priority just by putting a simple card in the mail.

2. Prayers to Share

Similarly, Prayers to Share are an easy format to hand out at a moment’s notice whenever you feel led. These tear-away note cards each feature a scripture, a prayer, and an inspirational quote, so they can be universally applicable, or more specific to a person’s situation. I keep a stack of them on my desk so I can write a note on the back and share with coworkers whenever I feel led. You can also tuck them inside a greeting card or even leave them on someone’s windshield for a little extra happy in their day.

3. Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are probably my favorite way to encourage friends. I just choose a card that’s made for the appropriate occasion, whether it be Thank You, Happy Birthday, Thinking of You, etc., and then choose a style with a beautiful design and message. I usually add in my own little note on the inside, and then I send it out! It’s simple, thoughtful, and takes no time at all, but the sentiment goes far with my loved ones.

4. Ecards

DaySpring Ecards are a great way to send some spontaneous encouragement to a friend or loved one. They’re a quick, easy, and free way to brighten someone’s day. We have a whole category of Encouragement Ecards, perfect for sharing some love on National Day of Encouragement!


5. Digital Greeting Cards

Sending a digital greeting card is the simplest way to send encouragement to those you love, and this year, DaySpring and Hallmark made it easy with a free digital greeting card just for you! All you have to do is select the free card from DaySpring, add your photos and videos, and share your card instantly via text or email. The best part? You can access this free digital greeting card for the entire month of September! Happy encouraging!

I know how much I love to receive an encouraging note every now and then, so I've tried to make a conscious effort to be more intentional in that department. Stock up on your favorite cards or Prayers to Share, or check out our full collection of Encouragement Cards & Gifts, so that you always have something on hand when the opportunity presents itself!



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