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Editorial Guidelines for Freelance Writers

The Ministry of DaySpring

At DaySpring we are committed to the publication of greeting cards as a ministry. We believe the ministry of our cards is found in the truth of Scripture and in the heart of God. We see greeting cards as tools to help Christians communicate their hearts and God’s heart to the hearts of others. The quality of our cards is meant to enhance the presentation of its message.

It is our purpose to create greeting cards that are relevant, meet specific needs, help express God’s loving intentions for mankind, and bring encouragement in the Lord.

We believe the ministry of DaySpring cards can touch others for good by bringing hope, encouragement, and comfort to those who are hurting. This ministry can also act as a seed to plant truth, a messenger to bring good news, a flower to spread joy, or a friend to show care and concern. Each DaySpring card is an opportunity, given by God, to speak something positive, wholesome, and redemptive into the life of someone else.

The use of Scripture is a vital part of DaySpring product. Through it we communicate the heart of God to others.

Submission Procedure

Currently we are only accepting submissions from writers who have previously had work published.

STYLE: We use several writing styles in our sentiments; however, the majority of what we purchase is conversational style. The best way to understand what we are looking for is to read a selection of our cards at your local Christian bookstore.

FORMAT: Writers should create a complete greeting card idea, including a cover caption, inside/outside message, closing tag line, and appropriate Scripture, including version. Please put each submission on a separate sheet of paper. Identify each piece with your name, address, social security number, and copy identification number. Please do not send more than 10 pieces at a time. You may also e-mail your copy to us including the same information. Please put a page break between each card idea or add each one as a separate attachment.

PUBLISHING RIGHTS: It is essential that no part of your copy has been taken from any other copyrighted work and that your work submitted has not been registered at the U.S. Copyright Office. DaySpring has exclusive rights to any copy purchased. The copy must not have been sold to another company prior to or after DaySpring’s purchase of it.

PURCHASE PRICE: DaySpring pays $75 for each piece of copy purchased. Payment is made within 30-45 days upon our receipt of the writer’s signed purchase agreement.

Submit to:
DaySpring Cards
Editorial Department
Attn: Freelance Editor
P.O. Box 1010
Siloam Springs, AR 72761
Submit UPS or FedEx packages to:
DaySpring Cards
Editorial Department
Attn: Freelance Editor
21154 Hwy 16E
Siloam Springs, AR 72761

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please include in the lower left corner of your outside envelope the words “Previously Published,” or your submission will not go through the review process.

REVIEW TIME: Review time is approximately four to eight weeks. Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with submissions for returning copy. Submissions sent to DaySpring by e-mail will be returned by e-mail.

DaySpring Product Copy Evaluation

The following questions will be applied to all DaySpring copy that is being considered for product use:

1)  Does the copy have ministry value? What specific need is the product meeting? (To whom would you send the card?)

2)  Does the Scripture effectively speak to the expressed need the product is meeting? (Do copy and Scripture work together?)

3)  Does the copy enhance the giver/receiver relationship? (Is the copy limiting? Is the copy focused on the receiver? The most important word in a greeting card is “YOU.”)

4)  Is the copy God-glorifying? Are thoughts in agreement with the truth of God’s Word? if a statement is made about Scripture, is it accurate?

5)  Is the copy free of controversy? Does it stay in the center of Christian truth and is it in harmony with DaySpring’s statement of faith?

6)  Is the copy edifying and encouraging? Does it build up instead of tear down? Is it fresh and innovative? (Has a familiar thought been stated in a new way?) Does it have that something “extra,” and is it refreshing?

7)  Does the copy have integrity-is it honest and believable? Does it convey Christian principles or values?

8)  Is the copy original? (Did the writer think of the idea and write it?)

9)  Is the message quickly grasped and the concept clear? (Is the copy put in a positive context instead of a negative one?)

10)  Does the copy help fulfill the heart and mission of the company? (Will it touch someone’s heart and leave something good with that person?)

Statement of Faith

For more information about DaySpring's values and beliefs, view our this page.