Upping the Game for Your Grandkids

If you are a grandparent, you’ve been given the chance to invest in the life of a precious child in unique and beautiful ways. Whether you live down the street or across the country, the time you spend with them is golden. 

As the holidays arrive and family gatherings are planned, it’s a wonderful opportunity to start thinking about your time together. Whether you’re hosting or visiting this year, why not have a few fun and meaningful activities prepared to enjoy with the grandkids? More than just entertaining, you’ll be helping to nurture their spirits, and there’s no greater investment than that!

Here are a few ideas you can tailor to almost any age:

Start Simple
While it may not sound remarkable, the most significant thing you can offer your grandkids is your presence. Invite them to come alongside you and share in some simple tasks. Whether it’s measuring baking ingredients, feeding the birds, or sewing on a button, you’re not only communicating that they are worthy of your time, but you may be teaching them something they have never learned before.

Remember, our legacies are left moment by moments.

Give Some Goodness
Think of the things your grandkids love to do, and discover ways to help them bless others in the process! Do they enjoy creating? Find a corner of the house and set up a little “Creation Station” with some art supplies. Give them some colorful yarn, scissors and a hole-puncher and then take them to pass out their artwork at a nearby nursing home.  Talk with them about Jesus’ words in Matthew 25:40 NIV: Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

Share a Prayer
Provide a small box, canvas pouch or mason jar to transform into a prayer container. Let the kids decorate it and collect prayer requests from guests. Set aside some time to share Philippians 4:6-7 (“Do not be anxious about anything…”) Talk about the power of prayer, maybe even sharing an example of God’s faithfulness in your own life. Then pray together for those in need.

Create Connections
With so many electronic options these days, it’s easy for kids to “check out” and isolate themselves. Try meeting them halfway with some good old-fashioned human connection. Use a device that records or takes still pictures and “hire” them as producers with the task of putting together a little documentary. This might include interviewing family members about their lives, finding out what the holidays mean to them, hearing favorite jokes or discovering hidden talents-- the possibilities are endless. Even if it’s just with their parents, they’ll be encouraged to connect instead of checking out, they’ll learn more about others, and they’ll create a keepsake in the process!

Celebrate the Holiday Season
Kids love new activities, so this could be the perfect time to gift them with the Shepherd on the Search Advent Activity Set. Walk with them through the story of the Shepherd and help him discover the wonderful story of Jesus' birth. The Shepherd comes with all sorts of activities like an advent devotional to follow along, a Christmas ornament to put on the tree, a plush sheep companion so each grandchild can participate and follow along in the story, and even a fun new board game

Send Some Love
There’s always someone who has to miss gathering with loved ones over the holidays. Whether it’s a distant family member, a friend in the hospital, or a soldier overseas, they’d love to hear that they’re being held close in heart. Provide a big card or even a small journal for the kids to sign and take around to friends, family or neighbors. Help them to address, stamp and mail it themselves. Remind them that a card or note of encouragement is a treasure any time of year!

Most importantly, ask God to guide you toward the activities that will be most meaningful (and fun!) for your family this year. He may surprise you with something you’ve never thought of before. Regardless, remember: entertainment comes and goes, but investing in the lives of your grandchildren is a gift that lasts forever.

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