Small Gestures Show Big Kindness

It’s the thought that counts. People use the sentiment often, but I really believe it to be true. 

When Dawn first came to work at DaySpring, I knew we would be fast friends. I loved her smile, her flair, and her drive. I was so glad we shared a wall! Adventure was definitely in our future. 

She hadn’t been here very long when she faced a super sad Friday. Their family dog died. 

I could hear in her voice and see in her eyes that this was hard for her - really hard. 

I wanted to do something small but thoughtful for her to show that I cared about what was going on in her life, so I bought her a lip gloss and a card. I wrote in the card telling her I was so sorry and that sometimes a new lip gloss can make a tough day a little better, and I placed it on her desk early the next Monday morning.

I didn’t know it at the time, but that was the moment that sealed the deal on our friendship. She thanked me as if I had done something extravagant, even though it just felt like a small sentiment to me. Just taking the time to reach out and acknowledge that I saw what she was going through and was thinking of her had made a tremendous impact. Once again, I learned that it really is the thought that counts, as long as you follow through. That’s the thing about caring - small gestures can make big impact in the long run.  In a world of grand gestures (think promposals and flash mobs), the little things stand out. 

In Colossians 3:12, we as Christians are called to put on compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience, and show these virtues to others just as the Lord has shown them to us. Kindness is kindness, no matter the size of the act. We can choose to put on kindness daily, be cognizant of opportunities to show it, and then it will become a part of our everyday routine!

When it comes to showing you care there are three simple steps:

1.       Pay attention to the daily things in life

2.       Respond quickly when you see an opportunity.

3.       Keep it small, thoughtful, and intentional.

A card, a piece of candy, a compliment, or a smile can mean more to someone else than you ever could have imagined. Start paying attention to the people around you, and look for these small opportunities to acknowledge and affirm them and show you care. And you never know – your small gesture of kindness could start a contagious chain reaction and invite others to show their kindness, too!

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