How to Bible Journal

Brightly colored journaling Bibles are popping up across the Internet lately—inspiring, gorgeous artwork that features Bible verses, encouraging sentiments, and heartfelt words of praise. These messages of faith have surely caught your eye and your interest. You may be wondering what exactly Bible journaling is, and how to get started with your own journaling Bible.

What is Bible Journaling?
Bible journaling is a creative way to document your personal study of the Bible. We are all called to study His Word, and journaling in your Bible is one way to record your journey as you build a stronger relationship with God. A journaling Bible helps you bond with Him in a new way, using the talents He blessed you with to glorify Him. Not only does this Bible study technique help you memorize and reflect on meaningful Scripture, it helps you deepen your connection with the Lord.

What Supplies Do I Need for Bible Journaling?

All you need to start is a journaling Bible, Praise Book or a regular notebook or journal and a pen. That’s it. You can choose to use a regular Bible, or select one made specifically for Bible journaling. A journaling Bible includes blank or lined space in the margins for you to make notes and to illustrate your faith, and some include blank pages so you can really let your faith shine through.

Other Bible journaling supplies include:

>Tip-ins to add extra space to your page
>Washi tape for decorating edges or embellishing the pages
>Page tabs to mark specific verses or sentiments
>Stickers, stencils, and die-cut paper pieces to add decoration
>Paint, colored pencils, or fancy pens and markers
>Stamps and a stamp pad
>Bible journal tools and extras

You may have a number of supplies on your wish list, but keep in mind you do not need anything more than your Bible, a pen, and an open heart to begin your journey in His Word. Once you’ve gathered your supplies, you’re ready to start documenting your faith within the pages of your Bible.

Wait, You Write IN Your Bible?!

This is an incredibly personal decision, and only you can decide whether you’re comfortable writing on the pages of your Bible. Most Bible journalers keep a separate Bible for study and only write within their designated journaling Bible. Some choose to decorate full pages and let their artwork and His Word mingle, others stick only to the margins. If you’re uncomfortable writing in your Bible you can use a notebook or daily planner. The only way to know what is right for you is to ask for His guidance.

How do I Start Bible Journaling?

First and foremost, pray. Ask for God’s direction, and listen for His response. Ask Him if this is the appropriate way for you to explore your faith. When He answers, you will know the time is right to begin. The only rule to Bible journaling is, there are no rules. You don’t need to be artistic to create: stickers, scrapbooking materials, stamps, and more are wonderful resources to help you combine faith and art. This is your personal process, there is no right or wrong. It is your opportunity to grow closer to the Lord.

You may want to set aside quiet time for your own private reflection, or you may enjoy hosting a Bible journaling night for the girls to journal together as a group. Imagine the encouragement you’ll receive by sharing this time together (and just think of the extra Bible journaling supplies you’ll get to try!).

The best place to find inspiration is in your own personal study of the Bible—through prayer and spending time with God in His Word. Select one of your favorite verses, choose a verse to research, or even begin in Genesis and work your way through. You may find inspiration in worship music or devotionals, or simply through your daily interactions and in sharing your faith with others. Inspiration comes from the heart—if something sticks with you, journal it.

Some people like to draft their idea on scrap paper ahead of time, others like to create in pencil first, and some just let their inspiration lead them without planning ahead of time. Your technique depends on your preference and style. While nobody can tell you what your process should be, there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you make the most of your Bible journal experience.

Quick Tips for Bible Journaling

>Date each entry so you can look back later
>Don’t force it and don’t let it cause stress for you—journal as you are inspired
>Keep your supplies organized so you have more time to create, and can spend less time searching for the supplies you need
>Check out #IllustratedFaith on Instagram, Pinterest, or other social media for inspiration, but let your journal be your own

Bible journaling is a personal process, so take what God is teaching you in every day and create with it. You will appreciate having this journal to look back on for encouragement or to remind you of God’s promises in a difficult time. And, remember: it doesn’t have to be perfect or look like anyone else’s journal. This is your journey with God, and He will guide you.

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