Learning Lessons on Faith: God's Love is the Common Thread

Lessons on faith can unfold in subtle ways. Growing up in a tiny town, the morning sights and sounds were much different than my current suburban life. My family lived next to a small road that led to the solitary stoplight in “the city.” We heard a few cars drive past, but there was no “morning rush.” Mostly I can remember the birds singing choruses through the woods behind our house and many mornings we would watch the deer mosey down the hill into our backyard. All this from our dining room window!

However, one regular sound had nothing to do with nature. Now that I think about it, I remember falling asleep to the same evening sound. It was the humming purr of my mom’s sewing machine that frequently both put me to sleep and summoned me awake. For as long as I can remember, the sewing machine fascinated me. How exactly did two pieces of cloth enter and one exit this contraption? I would stand by my mom as she sewed and watch all she was doing, firing questions. Little by little, Mom taught me all she knew about how to use a machine, hand-sewing, using patterns, making curtains, and anything else we could creatively think of.

Mom didn’t have a craft or sewing room. I have 8 biological brothers and sisters and we had a 4 bedroom house. You do the math. Sometimes when Mom sewed, she would make a marathon of it, taking a day to do all her cutting on the living room floor, then a day to work at sewing everything together from the dining room table. She certainly knew how to maximize her work space and time. And although these “marathons” were great, most of her projects were completed gradually. A few stitches a day, stealing a few minutes here or there over a course of time. I didn’t learn everything she knew about sewing in a day. It took weeks, months and even years to learn what my mama knew about how to craft flat pieces of fabric into clothing and home décor.

In reflecting on all that my mom taught me about sewing, I can easily see that her method of teaching was used in every area of life. Each day she took small deposits of time and purposed them to teach a bigger lesson. The stitches of her faith were sewn into my heart as she shared Bible lessons through worship music and Bible verses. The Bible stories she read to me as a little one were pieced together into bigger examples of faith as I grew older. Her faith wasn’t just a tapestry she was weaving in her own heart; it was a legacy she was sharing with others. My mama has been in heaven for 17 years now. So all my thanks for her lessons on faith and thoughtful guidance are sent to the Lord in the form of prayers. I ask the Lord to give me the same daily wisdom to invest faith deposits in my children like my mama did with me as she was teaching her children about faith through simple lessons every day. I’m so grateful that she “sewed” seeds of God’s Word into my life!

Someone in your life has invested in your foundation and knowledge of Christ. Easter is a beautiful time to thank and encourage those who came before you and guided you toward the light of Jesus! Choose a few thank you cards or send a beautiful keepsake like faith-filled tableware or a home décor piece. As we celebrate Easter, may we celebrate the lives of those who told us of the glorious resurrection of Christ! Who needs to be reminded of their beautiful investment that built a faith tradition in your life?

Send a free, shareable Easter Ecard with someone who helped lay your foundation of faith. Be sure to add a personal note thanking them for sharing Jesus with you, and letting them know how much their life has impacted yours.

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