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Gift Ideas for Every Dad

Gift Ideas for Every Dad

Father’s Day is just around the corner and you are probably wondering what to get your dad. DaySpring carries a variety of faith-filled cards and gifts that are sure to encourage and inspire your dad, husband, grandfather or brother long after his special day is over.

As we all know, dads come in many different shapes and sizes with many different personalities, hobbies and talents. Below are 6 types of dads matched up with great card and gift ideas. Enjoy!

Working Dads - Every morning, this Dad wakes up, grabs his coffee mug and heads to the office with a smile on his face and a skip in his step. You see, for the Christian Dad, every job is a ministry - whether he works in an office, on the road, in a foreign country or at the church. Thank your working Dad with A Faithful Man Gift Set including journal, perpetual calendar and desk pad. It’s the perfect gift to help him stay in touch with what is truly important during his work day.

Trendy Dads - Okay, so maybe he’s not up on the current styles, but this type of Dad definitely has his own fashion sense and he never shies away from sharing his love for Jesus. Check out these sturdy and courageous pieces: Nail Fish Pendant necklace, Shield of Faith necklace and the Nail Cross necklace. Each piece possesses meaningful, faith-filled messages - could be just the right gift to match his inner fashionista with his heart for God.

Globe-Trotting Dads - This type of dad is always on the go whether it be for business, leisure or mission based, he always seems to be driving, flying, riding or pedaling somewhere. This Father’s Day, why not equip him with a Christian journal so he can record his experiences while gaining perspective on how God is working in his life? You may even want to let him know he’s won your heart with this Trophy Dad Travel Mug.

Coffee-Loving Dads - Known for always having a cup in-hand, this dad just loves everything about coffee from its aroma first thing in the morning to its comforting smoothness during that long afternoon meeting. Check out our inspirational mugs, including the "The Blessing I Call Dad” Mug or "Be Strong in the Lord" jumbo mug, to find just the right message for your coffee-loving dad to carry around from morning to night. (To create a special touch, you could fill it with his favorite candy.)

Life Coach Dads - For this dad, not a day goes by without at least 4 or 5 teachable moments. From unplanned rainstorms to being stuck in traffic or getting lost on the bike trail, he will make sure to turn the situation into a time of deep discussion involving life changes, learning patience and trusting God. Tell him “thanks” with a sincere Father’s Day card and a set of 10 inspirational notes so he can be prepared to share all those life lessons to come.

Proud Papa - You know the type - their entire face lights up just watching their grandkids play. And, with every little, tiny hug, smile, kiss or small gesture from a grandchild, these grandpas practically melt into the floor. We’ve got the perfect cards for these push-overs. Check out either Get Ready, Papa or Things Really Do Change to celebrate his role in the life of your family. Also, surprise him with our How Majestic Is Your Name décor piece which will frequently remind him to praise God for each little one in his life.

Still don’t have a gift in mind? Check out our entire Father’s Day section to find just the right inspirational card and gift for the fathers in your life. Want to send a quick inspirational message to your pops right now? Send a free, shareable Ecard to say “thanks” today. And, don’t forget to praise God for placing all the strong, kind, God-fearing dads in your path as you grow in your walk with our Almighty Father each and every day.

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Don’t forget to praise God for all the strong, kind, God-fearing dads in your life.
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