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Created, Called, Crowned

Created, Called, Crowned

Life is a series of seasons. During challenging seasons, it is not uncommon to wonder about our life’s purpose or even question it if we ever knew what it was. As a child, I remember being asked to draw a picture of what I wanted to be when I grew up. It seemed so simple back then to dream up anything and just run with it, but somehow as we grow older we can be filled with doubt or insecurity in the roles we are in. We end up questioning if we are where we’re supposed to be.

I often find encouragement in the story of Esther in the Bible. Here we have a young girl who suddenly found herself in a role she never expected. She first finds favor with the king, but suddenly he begins to withdraw (talk about feeling insecure!). In the most critical hour, she feels powerless and unqualified. Sometimes, in those challenging seasons, we can also feel that way in our roles as women. Remember feeling unqualified or unprepared as a freshman in college? How about in a first job? Or the first week as a mom?

Many of us are familiar with the sentiments from the story in Esther 4:14 - Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created. This encouraging truth is applicable in so many of our roles as women. Whenever we feel inadequate or unqualified, we must remember that God will prepare us and position us in the calling He has for our life. He will also equip us with everything we need to fulfill the destiny He has for us.

So much of our walk with God is spent in preparation and waiting. It might look like waiting for a big break in a job, seeing the kids grow up and go to college, or taking a step of faith and pursuing a forgotten dream. During these times, it can be difficult to understand God’s ways and plans for our lives. We might wonder: Is my life leading to something great? Will I make it through another day? Why am I going through all of this? We must always remember that God has a purpose for us and is the Master at working all things together for our good and His. He is working out details behind the scenes to prepare us for the calling He has for our lives.

Perhaps, like most of us, you find yourself questioning God’s calling in your life. Whether you’re going to work every day, volunteering at church, changing diapers, washing dishes, brushing tiny teeth, or any combination of these, here are three truths from Esther’s life to remember:

1. You were CREATED by an awesome God for a powerful purpose.

2. You are CALLED to a very important assignment as a woman and a mother.

3. You have been CROWNED with God’s favor for such a time as this.

Do you know someone who needs a reminder that she has been “created, called, and crowned?” Share this article with them through email or simply post it by using the social media icons. Also, be sure to check out our Created, Called, Crowned Collection for items inspired by Esther 4:14 - you might find just the right gift to remind your loved ones of how truly special they are in the eyes of the Lord.

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God will prepare us and position us in the calling He has for our life.
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