Cherishing the Blessing of Family This Valentine’s Day

We don’t typically think of family first on Valentine’s Day because it is best known as a celebration between lovers. Young couples all over the nation will be getting engaged while married couples will be enjoying a kid-free night out at their favorite restaurants and meanwhile, a 15-year-old girl will receive her first Valentine’s Day present from someone she will always refer to as her “first love.” And, it is in these moments that we should praise God for His beauty because this type of can’t-live-without-you, heart-pounding love is simply beautiful.

The question is: when we’re deciding how to celebrate Valentine’s Day, how might we expand on this holiday to also celebrate our love for family—those few, special people in our lives who are always there to listen, always there to encourage and always there to lean on? Think about it—doesn’t your sister always pick up the phone no matter how late it is? And, I bet your brother is there every time you need advice. And, let’s face it, there is little in life more pure than the love between a mother and child. So, maybe it’s not the kind of love that makes you feel butterflies in your stomach or makes you want to run through fields holding hands, but the love we feel for our family is genuine and in my opinion, it is simply beautiful.

This Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to branch out, to celebrate loving one another in a whole new capacity. Let your family know how much you cherish them by sending:

1 - An encouraging Ecard that honors the blessing of family or

2. A lighthearted Valentine’s Day greeting card to fill their day with joy or

3. A sweet Valentine’s Day gift from our Valentine's Day collection. to tell them how important your relationship is

And, maybe even remind them of that funny thing that happened when you were kids. After all, where would you be without the love and support of your family? When you send a heartfelt Valentine’s Day blessing or Valentine’s Day gift for family, you’re spreading that simply beautiful feeling of love. So on February 14th, let’s take a few moments from our day of roses, chocolates and balloons and praise God for these special family members that He placed in our lives. Then, head out for that long awaited dinner with your hubby.

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