Bible Journaling Your Spiritual Gifts

Shanna Noel is the founder of Illustrated Faith. A wife and mother of two, Shanna is a lifelong scrapbooker who started using her passion and a journaling Bible to begin illustrating and documenting her faith… right in her Bible!

Hi there sweet friend! I wanted to share with you some of my ideas about Bible journaling your spiritual gifts. 

“Your gift – no matter how big or small it seems to you – is so important. We need you! We – the Church, the body, your community – need the you that is unique and valuable and crucial to finishing our puzzle. We need your faith and your prayer and your service and your preaching and your guitar-playing and your muffin-making.” –  excerpt written by Mary Carver and pulled from the devotional booklet found in the “Craving Connection” Illustrated Faith kit.

Wow just wow, am I right?! I loved what Mary had to say about LOVING your gift! I spent nearly 30 years wishing I had someone else’s gifts. How sad! God picks us out the perfect gift and instead of opening it with complete joy I looked around at all the other gifts like a selfish child thinking “I wish I had that.”

It reminds me of having small children at Christmas time and holding your breath as they open presents from their family praying and hoping they remember the conversation you had before about saying “thank you!” I remember how embarrassing it was the first time one of my kids said “oh is this it?” ***RED FACE OF EMBARRASSMENT***** Imagine what He must feel as He looks at us opening our gifts. Do you light up with joy? Do you share it with those around you? Do you use it every day?

You may be thinking that is grand and great Shanna, but I am sitting here and I have no idea what my gift is let alone how to Bible journal about it! Maybe it’s time to take a spiritual gifts inventory, or a spiritual gifts assessment. If you are attending a church I would talk to someone at your church, ask them about discovering your spiritual gifts and how you can learn more, you can also ask those around you, it’s always interesting to hear what others see that you may not, but above all else if you are unsure what your gift is… pray about it friend! Pray, journal, ponder, give Him time and space to show you!

For those of you that know your spiritual gift, let’s CELEBRATE it together! Document it! Bible journal it! Find verses that speak to the gifts He has set in your path and Bible journal about how you see God working in your life through these gifts and how you hope to use those gifts to glorify Him! For me Bible journaling is all about documenting my walk, my faith, my relationship with Jesus and documenting your spiritual gifts is such an important part of that!

Where do you see the gifts you have been giving? I love that Mary (in the quote above) talks about muffin-making and guitar-playing, think outside the box and let’s talk about lifting up those gifts to reflect His beautiful light!!!

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