Beginner Tips for Bible Journaling

Bible journaling is a fun, special way to explore your faith. There’s simply no wrong way to go about it, but for many beginners, getting started seems much more complicated than it is. Follow these simple beginner tips for Bible journaling and start creating your own designs.

Choose a Journal, Praise Book, or Journaling Bible

Select a journal, Praise Book or journaling Bible for creating your journal entries. There are many options available; you just have to find one that speaks to your creative instincts. Consider the cover—leather, decorative, or something more traditional—as well as what’s inside. Many journals include wide, ruled margins for note taking while others leave blank columns for uninhibited illustration. Some use conventional Bibles as well: it’s simply a matter of preference!

Master One Medium at a Time

Whether you create using paints, watercolor pencils, or washi tapes, it is wise to select one medium to work with at a time. Once you are proficient in that medium you can explore layering additional materials, but for many beginners, jumping into too many tools at once can quickly become overwhelming. Colored pencils, markers, and other conventional art supplies are often the most approachable at first, but washi tapes, tabs, and stamps make exciting, easy-to-use additions to your tool kits when you feel ready to experiment.

Select a Verse

Once you have your journaling Bible and art supplies ready to go, you will need to pick a starting point. The seemingly simple task of deciding where to begin can quickly stall beginner journalers. We suggest taking a moment to reflect on your favorite Scripture. Maybe you’ve recently discussed a certain verse with your Bible study group, or have been reflecting on a Scripture your pastor referenced in a sermon. Your journaling Bible is the perfect place to revisit these special passages in an individual way. If still nothing comes to mind, you can also try the old trick of actually starting from the very beginning. Reading from the first page, keep an open mind to particularly impactful ideas. When the right piece of Scripture strikes you, you’ll know it in your heart, and you’ll be ready to put your pen to the page.

Think About What You Want To Say

One of the best beginner tips for Bible journaling is to take a deep breath and go slow. This is an exciting creative process but as you relax into it, ideas will flow much more naturally. Try keeping a piece of scrap paper next to you to jot down some words or phrases before you commit them to your journal. Feel free to write one bold word, full thoughts and responses, even questions you might have as you journey through the Bible. Sometimes just rewriting Scripture word for word in your own handwriting can be a thrilling way to connect with a verse. Then apply color, texture and illustrations to augment these written expressions. As you work through your journal, you can also go back to previous designs and build upon them further.

Don’t Let Fear Stop You

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If you find you’re unhappy with some of your initial designs, you can cleverly cover them with cute paper or other drawings. If a page feels empty, create a painted background to reference life events or general feelings. Try using alphabet stickers instead of hand lettering, or apply washi tapes to highlight powerful phrases within the verse. Small creative mistakes can quickly become happy accidents as long as you take your time. Remember your Bible journaling experience is just for you and when the pages fill up, you can start a whole new journal with different themes.

Exchange Ideas with Other Bible Journalers

Bible journaling can be a great way to build your bond with others. Reach out to friends, mentors, or fellow church members who also Bible journal their ideas. Search online blogs or use this Workbook Guide to Bible Journaling for additional expert advice. You will be surprised by how much you continue to grow in your expressions even as you become more comfortable with this process. Just remember to share the new concepts you discover with those who have nurtured your creativity!

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