How to Express Your Genuine Gratitude

It’s easy to say “thank you” to your waiter for refilling your coffee cup, or “have a great day” to your cashier for bagging your groceries, or simply give a quick wave and head nod to the car wash attendant who just guided you into the giant suds-filled tunnel. But, what do you do when it comes down to your loved ones…the ones that continually go out of their way to make your life better? Is a simple “thank you” enough? How could they possibly ever truly understand how grateful you are for them?

Here are 5 Simple Ways to Express Your Genuine Gratitude to those in your life who deserve a little more than a quick wave or head nod.

1. Write a heartfelt thank-you note. And, don’t just sign your name! Sometimes the best way to show our true hearts is to write down our feelings. Be specific - call out their good deeds, recall special memories or inside jokes and most importantly, be sincere. Remember, your words are powerful - and may be the most impactful way to express your thankfulness.

2. Lighten their workload. Usually the most giving people in life are also the busiest. Give them a night off by inviting them to dinner, or offer to take care of their yardwork. You could schedule a weekly coffee date, giving them the opportunity to rest as you encourage them to carry on in their much-appreciated work.

3. Thank them with a gift. Fill a vase with their favorite flowers, or drop a bag of their favorite candy in a giant, inspirational mug. Small tokens of your appreciation can make a huge impact. (View our entire Thank You section to find just the right card or gift for your loved one)

4. Make them something. Are you a skilled woodworker? Or, maybe you’re a gifted baker or an expert illustrator? If you are a Bible journaler, you could always create a page in a journaling Bible and grab some Bible accessories to pass on to them. Who knows? You may spark them to start their own Bible journaling journey. Whatever your God-given talent may be, why not use it to create a thoughtful gift of gratitude?

5. Acknowledge them publicly. One of the most immediate ways to thank someone is through social media. Post a thank-you Ecard to their Facebook page, and ask friends and family to share. Who knows? By the end of the day, you could have hundreds showing their appreciation for your loved one as well.

One final note: It’s important to remember that as believers, we always need an attitude of gratitude. Let’s continually give thanks to God and praise Him for the beautiful people He places in our lives, and let’s love and encourage those around us to do the same!

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