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To Single Moms, On Mother’s Day

To Single Moms, On Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day began as a way to honor the sacrifices moms make for their children, and if you’re a single mother today, you understand this deeply. You may not have the luxury of sleeping in or receiving a traditional breakfast in bed to celebrate. And if you have little ones at home, it may feel like another day of taking care of everyone but you.

Just remember this: The Lord sees and honors all your efforts to love your children well.

The Bible reminds us that “No creature is hidden from him…Hebrews 4:13 CSB

The care we give each day, those times we just don’t feel like getting out of bed that early or driving the Mom-taxi that far or explaining this math problem one more time…we do it anyway because that’s what Love does.

Here are a few ideas for celebrating that love with a full heart on Mother’s Day. Whether you’re on your own or with the kids this year, take a moment to allow the grace and goodness you’ve offered to return to you.

Worship first:

Begin the day with worship, opening your heart to God’s work in you as a mother. Whether it’s your regular Sunday gathering or some quiet time in the Word, ask for what you need; maybe it’s strength, peace, wisdom, assurance of His love. Thank Him for the gift of your children; if this is a difficult day for you as a single mom, take some time to soak in His healing presence.

Reach out:

If you’re spending the day on your own, remember there are likely other moms you know doing the same thing. Plan a get-together to encourage one another on the journey. Enjoy dinner out or order in. Make it an extra special afternoon with an Illustrated Faith Mom’s Party (don’t know how? Read our article: Mom’s Night Out with Illustrated Faith). Who knows? It may become a regular date!

Take time:

If you have littles, consider hiring someone – maybe a local high school student or neighbor – to give yourself a few free hours on your own. Even if it’s just some time on another floor of the house, grab a favorite drink and that book you’ve been wanting to read for a year. (Pssst…this Let’s All Be Brave Book and Mug Gift Set is perfect for such an occasion.) Or treat yourself to a brand new journal for some prayerful reflection on motherhood. Give yourself permission to be honest about the unique challenges that come with single parenting. Write down the ways your children have brought love and laughter into your life. The more gratitude we gather in our hearts, the more joy will fill our days.

Have fun:

Spending the day with the kids? Make it a free one! No big plans, no chores -- if it’s nice, find an outdoor spot, take a picnic and a few games. If you’re able, consider leaving your phone behind for a bit; give yourself the gift of enjoying the moment and making some memories.

As we celebrate this Mother’s Day, let’s remember that God sees every sacrifice and celebrates every victory with us, great or small. We can take comfort in the fact that He is our provider today and we can find hope in the fact that He’s promised to be there tomorrow, even as we face the unique challenges that come with single parenting. And no matter how you are able to celebrate this day, just know He is always with you, holding you close in His love.

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Take some time to soak in His healing presence.
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