Think Fast

Think Fast

Just the thought of reaching out and encouraging those around us can be overwhelming. It can feel uncomfortable to introduce yourself to a new church member or to ask someone if they need prayer, or even talk to a grieving friend about the loss of a loved one. And on top of that, there’s always the pressure to follow through with just the right words they need to hear.

At DaySpring, we want to help you take the awkwardness out of it. That’s why we’ve created the “Think Fast” list. Below you will find many ways to encourage those around you in 2 minutes or less. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a big production - sometimes the smallest gestures make the biggest impacts.

» Send an Ecard

» Leave an uplifting sticky note for a co-worker

» Respond with Scripture

» Send a heartfelt handwritten note 

» Note the positive changes you see in you see in a friend

» Tell someone how they inspired you

» Let someone know you are praying for them

» Give a sincere compliment

» Tell a joke

» Loan your favorite encouraging book

» Send a 'thank you' card to a friend - just because

» Leave an encouraging song on their voicemail

» Speak positively

» Share an encouraging thought

» Show appreciation to your pastor or music ministry leader 

» Ask someone how they are doing & listen

» Give a high five - congratulate someon on a job well done

» Let the store manager know what great service you received from one of their employees

» Give a card to a friend who means the world to you

» Don’t be afraid of silence

» Tell a family member you are proud of them

» Ask how you can help

» Thank them for something that is not normally praised