The Most Important Resolution

The Most Important Resolution

When you woke up on January 1, 2016, did you open your eyes, immediately feel rejuvenated and jump out of bed with excitement and anticipation? That’s how it’s supposed to happen, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not always how it goes. In fact, if you’re anything like me, you woke up tired after a full day (and night) of wrangling kids, putting away Christmas decorations, laundry, dishes, marking off your to-do list and so on and so on. And, you woke up just to do it all over again.

The truth is: Life is no easier today than it was yesterday. And while many of us have great intentions to lose weight, get organized, or make more time for family, none of these action steps will fill you with joy in the midst of chores, give you peace of mind when caring for a sick little one or strengthen you as you pass through your most difficult days.

So, this year, why not join me in adding life-giving resolutions to your plan? For example, let’s vow to spend more quiet time with God, or perhaps simply focus just 20 minutes each day on the Word and what it means to us. Maybe it’s time to find a church family or join a prayer group - because the most important resolution we can make this year is to draw closer to God. Let’s let Him guide us. Let’s let Him give us strength to accomplish more than we ever expected we could, and let’s do it with a renewed, joy-filled heart.

We would love to hear how you plan to #LiveYourFaith in 2016. Share your plans with us by posting to our Facebook page or Instagram with the hashtags #LiveYourFaith and #MostImportantResolution. You may even inspire other DaySpring friends and family members to walk alongside you as you grow in your relationship with God. Wouldn’t that be an awesome way to kick off the year?