Surprise & Delight

Surprise & Delight

You know the ones in your life that never ask for anything yet they just give, give, give of themselves and then give some more. Why not surprise them with a special little something? Or, maybe you see someone struggling to open their car door while carrying a baby on their hip and grocery bags in both hands. Why not help them out? Sometimes it’s encouraging to just know there are still good people in the world.

» Send flowers

» Say thanks

» Say “I love you”

» Give a hug

» Call an old friend

» Hold a door open

» Bring cookies to work

» Pass out Scripture shareables

» Invite a friend to tea

» Help someone with a heavy load

» Share your umbrella

» Leave a song on their voicemail

» Share an encouraging thought

» Send a care package

» Stop by their house

» Give a high five

» Let the store manager know what great service you received from one of their employees

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