Success Stories

Success Stories

We were so excited to hear how much you encouraged others during the 21 Days of Encouragement Campaign! We hope these stories and social media posts encourage you to keep living your faith every day!

“As a person who suffers from depression and chronic illness, I can easily find myself far too focused on how I am feeling emotionally, physically and spiritually…and far too often I focus on the negative in these areas. I think about how my body feels each day (the aches and pains). I think about sadness. I think about what I should be doing but I’m not. I think about a lot of things that are all centered around me. But do you know what cures that? If we turn our attention away from ourselves and focus on encouraging others, serving others and lifting others up…we are unable to focus on ourselves at the same time! It’s kind of magical like that and it’s how God designed us.”  - Excerpt from

"I have reached out to friends to pray and give them Scripture the Lord has placed on my heart!" - Christina S.

Success Story 1

“I love receiving notes of encouragement from family and friends, but there’s nothing more encouraging than hearing from someone who has been there, too.  Someone who knows a little bit of what I’m feeling and going through.  And that’s why I do the Card Swap - the Card Swap is when readers sign up to send AND receive a note of encouragement in the mail.” - Excerpt from Lisa at

"A friend called to thank me for the note and let me know what perfect timing it was." - Melani

Success Story 2

This got me to thinking about ways to intentionally encourage those in my own family, particularly my kids. So often I’m telling them what to do and what not to do that I think I forget to encourage them along the way. So in honor of the campaign, I thought of ten ways that we can all encourage our kids.” - Excerpt from Andrea at

"I have complimented other people on abilities they didn't know they had." - Macenzie L.

Success Story 3

“I have recently joined an inspiring 21 Days of Encouragement campaign that Dayspring is holding. I love what they’re aspiring to influence others to do; to commit to encourage at least one person each day for 21-straight days. I have already found after just a few days that all my senses are hard at work to find people to encourage, and it is already becoming a beautiful way of life that doesn’t require much effort!” - Excerpt from Tehila at

"I invited 24 people for a Bible Journal Class and I shared with everyone the DaySpring site and Rachel Wojo and all the great tools available. Everyone loved it and it has gotten everyone to look at life through God. It is awesome." - Melody W.

Success Story 4

“I started the challenge early by sending out two cards on Saturday and a text Sunday to encourage three women who have been through tragedies the past several years, making Mother's Day bittersweet. This morning I sent an ecard to my mother in law. What will you do to encourage someone today?” -Excerpt from Sophie at

"I encouraged a friend to pray for answers to something they were struggling with." - Rhonda G.

Success Story 5

“A true friend! Who is not grateful for one in this life? This 21 Days of Encouragement challenge from DaySpring has been such a blessing! It made me realize how many people I have in my life to be thankful for and to be encouraged by…Friends sustain you during hardships, they encourage you when you most need a word to lift you up and remind you of your worth, your beauty, and your strength even on the days you feel like you have none.” - Excerpt from Ana at

"It's nice being able to make someone's day just by saying something encoruaging to them." - Stephanie H.

Success Story 6

“Several days I've found myself come to the end of the day and really not have done much.  I feel guilty and quickly do something to be an encouragement to someone.  The idea of this challenge is not to encourage guilt.  It's to help us think.  This challenge is encouraging me to think a little bit less about myself and a little bit more about someone else.” - Excerpt from Danette at

“I’m taking the 21 Days of Encouragement Challenge from my friends at DaySpring. So far this challenge has made me more aware of how often, or how little, I intentionally encourage someone each day.” - Excerpt from Zac at

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