Really Woolly - Encouragement - The Truth Is - 6 Premium Cards


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April 19, 2020 PrettyPractical

Hope-filled reminder of our God with us

I received a Day Spring card from a friend which was the old version of this card, with a wide-eyed lamb in the darkness and the inside scripture that darkness is still light to God & he is always with us. It was sent during the start of the COVID19 pandemic and it meant the world to me not only the card, but the memory that Christian bookstores used to be my "happy place" where I would pour over fun cards, books, music, and find friends there. Knowing that darkness is light to Jesus, our shepherd, and in this newer version the card we are reminded that we may not feel/see him by our sides, but He is always with us, made me excited to get on the DaySpring website to pass this card on to others. I adore lambs and this sweetly illustrated card gives a hug to the soul while lifting the spirit. The yellow envelope, that is also illustrated, promises not to get lost or overlooked among bills from the mail. Send this card to your loved ones and the shuttered in neighbor down the street and it will bless them more than you know.
August 29, 2019 Nana2010

A Very Special Card!

I received this card when my husband died, way too young. I felt so alone and scared. This sweet little card was a visual to remind me that my Jesus is always with me. I love to send this card to others now!