Mr. & Mrs. - Mrs. Love Notes - 32 Note Set


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June 7, 2015 Diana Lim Suan Nee

Awesome stuff. Makes you think of many ways you can appreciate your spouse and actually "say" it.
May 17, 2015 Kristi Jonet

Short & sweet & easy to use.
March 14, 2015 Rhonda

Awesome Notes

I love having these notes to put in my husbands lunch box and other places for him to find. I always tells me how much he appreciates them. They are a great aid in showing you husband how much you love him. Come on ladies, show your husbands how much yo
September 2, 2011 Katie


This has been such a blessing to our marriage! When I found this, the store was out of the set for the husband, but I looked through it, and there were very few that were specific to wives. I got it, even though it wasn't what I was originally looking fo