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February 2, 2019 Isaac

Ingenuity at its best!

The ingenious way the strong card nativity box functions as a backdrop to the Christmas story and links beautifully to the hardback book is awesome.
The shepherd toy reinforces the story and brings to life in a child's imagination, the book and box making it a complete set.
Great value for money!
December 13, 2018 Jess

Super cute!

My 2 year old loves this. The story is really cute and Christ centered. We love this product!
September 28, 2018 bboysmom

I purchased this as a gift to give to our Children's Minister's family. I was looking for an alternative to Elf on the Shelf, love the bright colors & that the box can be used for the manger. Am so anxious to give it to them to see where the shephard was

I purchased this as a gift to give to our Children's Minister's family, I wanted an alternative to Elf on the Shelf. Love that the box can be used for the manger & the bright colors. Am so anxious to give it to them
December 18, 2017 Mom of Boys

I wanted to love it, but doing it my own way instead

This product is definitely cute and a decent alternative to the elf on the shelf. However, the book is not well written and does not share my values of what I want my 2&5 year old to read. This idea could have been brilliant and some of the pages are well written, but overall it falls short. I found myself rewording the story to better explain it, luckily they can't read yet. Next year I won't be reading the story or using the recipe cards as I've found a better shepherd alternative online and on Pinterest, but I will still use our cute little shepherd. Just a really expensive $30 shepherd toy.

I didn't just want a toy to hide and do silly stuff (like the elf) I wanted it to be something that drew them more to Jesus and to share the good news of Jesus' birth with others, a very intentional tradition. The idea of using the online recipe cards sounded great, but didn't work for us because each day is more of an activity then a way to hide him and have it correlate to Jesus. I again found myself changing it almost every day and making it all our own because of not having time to prep for the activity or so the activity.

I will explain some of the things that bothered me.

In the book it shows a large star over the stable and makes it seem like he is following it and on the online "recipe cards" they mention the shepherds following the star. This doesn't line up with the bible. "The shepherd followed the bright star...", "The lights help us remember that the shepherds followed the bright star to find baby Jesus." Which the shepherds did not do in the Bible, that was the Magi.

"Telling kids like me to stay....I couldn't stay behind and miss this miracle so great....I couldn't follow close behind because the shepherds might say, 'No!'"
The little boy shepherd is told to stay behind and he doesn't listen and runs away. Is that really necessary?! I don't want to teach my kids it's ok to disobey or to run away to get what you want.

"The night looked very different when the shepherds weren't around; I jumped with fear and shivered when I heard a scary sound."
It shows a dark page with spooky dark eyes glaring everywhere. My 5 year old asked if it was a bad creature and why did it have to be so spooky. There is no need to put a scary page and teach them to be afraid of the dark. I'm not overprotective, but this wasn't necessary in a dun family book.

This may not be deal breakers for some, but I wish I would have known about them before I made the purchase.
December 15, 2017 Leah


My 3 boys love "Jonah" the shepherd :P So great for each day of the season, my boys wake up and instantly think about Jesus and how they are a part of the season. :)
December 4, 2017 Amber

Best thing ever

We just started "David" on the search. That is the name my kids give since David was shepherd that God used and later became a king. Everyday they look for him and can not wait to do the activities. We also tie in the story of David daily so they also learn about the lineage of Jesus. They can now tell you why we celebrate Christmas and why it is so important not only why Jesus was born but how he was born. This has truly been a blessing in our home.
December 1, 2017 AdoredChaos

Wonderful Experience

I am so pleased with not only the quality and presentation of the Shepherd on the Search, but also with how quick he arrived. Sturdy packaging, safely protected adds to the positive experience from DaySpring. Growing up my mom always had DaySpring cards— I’m glad I found them now and their wonderful products. I’m certainly a happy new customer! In an hour my son will find his new Shepherd. I can’t wait!
October 27, 2017 Melody

Kids loved it

My kids loved this last year and have already been asking when we’re going to start it this year! They’re 8 (girl) & 7 (boy)
October 14, 2017 Pastors wife

Fun & engaging

We used this for children's moments. Whole church picked a name for him & he was in a different location every Sunday of Advent. The kids were not the only ones who enjoyed looking for him every time. Trying to come up with more ideas for this Christmas on how to use him again.
October 14, 2017 Lisa


I am a church pastor always looking for ways to touch my little flock. This little shepherd provided the perfect antidote to the Elf on the Shelf. He was a weekly part of my children's time in church each Sunday in Advent. Like the elf, he can appear anyplace and my little shepherd has been at coffee hour, Advent family night. He delivers a message of love and hope!