Return the Blessing Success Stories

Return the Blessing Success Stories

What a month! When we kicked off our #ReturnTheBlessing Ministry Appreciation Campaign on Oct. 1st, we had no idea how many of you would join in to reach out to your ministry team leaders. However, the response was amazing! We’ve heard so many heartfelt stories including truly inspiring expressions of gratitude - it’s honestly been a bit overwhelming (almost too much for a heart to take). Here are just a few of our favorite #ReturnTheBlessing stories…

Holley wrote these words for all women who serve in ministry:

“Dear women in ministry, you are brave. You are a mighty warrior disguised in lip gloss and jeans. You are a force for the Kingdom. Someone who prays and believes. Someone who tends to the wounded and lifts up the weak. Someone who speaks the truth to trembling hearts. Someone who knows that love and kindness are the strongest of weapons in this gone-mad world. You are a fighter and an overcomer and a healer. You may feel weary sometimes when the door finally closes behind you at the end of your day but I want you to remember that even then with Jesus you have won. You are making a difference.”


Jennifer shared on Instagram:

“My parents are both pastors. I’ve had a behind the scenes view and watched them live out what they preach day in and day out. The way is narrow but I know I can walk it because of them. They are proof that God’s Word does NOT return void. Proverbs 22:6. I’m so thankful for my parents, my pastors! #ReturnTheBlessing”


Shanna from Illustrated Faithwrote about a friend who has an online ministry:

“She is someone who has an online ministry, she is encouraging those around her, she is sharing her own faith walk, and she is an incredible leader. Because of all these she often faces judgement and ridicule. As her friend I know this gets to her at times and I wanted to share just a small gift of encouragement to return the blessing and just let her know she is not alone.

This beautiful necklace from Lisa Leonard is exactly what my friend needed, that friendly nudge to continue in her ministry even in the tough days, and to be strong and courageous with HIM by her side!!”


Gigi wrote this about her mentor during the #ReturnTheBlessing Giveaway:

“My worship leader is filled with the Holy Spirit and the JOY of the Lord when she worships/prays - she lifts my spirit!!! “


Randi Sampson from A Modern Day FairyTale wrote this about her pastor and his wife:

“They are truly the prime example of what a servant of God should be. They care about their church and the people in it. We are not just numbers, we are not faces in the pews. We are people with our own unique needs and they truly care about each and every one of those - from the serious to the small. They go above and beyond anything that I have experienced in my life as a churchgoer. And they do it selflessly with no expectation of reward or praises….I was able to bless my pastor and his wife with this beautiful Faithful Servant Wall Art ...a reminder that his work in the church is appreciated.”


Stephanie shared on Facebook:

“Thanks be to God for our Pastor Paul and his great leadership during worship and at our Congregational meeting when the PT power went out due to high winds, but we continued on as Pastor said "In the Power of the Holy Spirit!"  Ephesians 2:10 - For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. #ReturnTheBlessing”


JoAnn Crane from “M” Words & the Christian Womanwrote this about her church family:

“In my darkest times, it has been those in my church who have sat alongside me and prayed for me. 
At other times my emotional need was met by the sermon I heard from the pulpit, or the song sung so sweetly by a choir member. Those who are like-minded in heart can touch our lives in many ways. It is for certain, that God has given these special people a heart to serve Him and to extend a hand of encouragement to us also.”


Rosetta wrote this about her mentor during the #ReturnTheBlessing Giveaway:

“My mentor and his wife are my small group leaders. They are faithful people. Through their own issues, they serve with such love. We are all senior citizens. They have an adult son with Down Syndrome. The husband has many health issues. But serves unto the Lord with his whole heart. He demonstrates what it means to love unconditionally. In a time of racial unrest, here's the kicker. I am the only black person in this group of all Caucasian Christians. These are predominantly couples. Two of us are divorced. This is the kind of group I believe Jesus would mentor. I love my small group family.”


Kristin wrote this about her mentor during the #ReturnTheBlessing Giveaway:

“My pastor's wife is AMAZING and helped me through a very difficult time in my life. She is a blessing and a gift! She points me to Jesus. She understands spiritual truths in a way that helps me discern when I am walking in truth and when I am not!”


Turning Point Bible Fellowship shared this Ecard on Facebook:

“As you help change couples lives, you help change the lives around those couples. Thanks for your impact. #ReturnTheBlessing”


Beth wrote this about her mentor during the #ReturnTheBlessing Giveaway:

“I'm nominating my pastor. He is the most humble, loving pastor I've ever known. He was in an accident a couple years ago and has had trouble since then remembering things and getting overwhelmed. He is worn down and discouraged. And yet he still works hard every day to lead our church and care for each of us personally. God uses him mightily every day. I'd like to bless him in this way and encourage him to keep doing the wonderful job he's doing.”


Holley shared on Instagram:

“So fun to encourage my friend Jennifer - pastor’s wife, youth pastor, dear friend and fellow writer - with loveliness from DaySpring! We really are better together. #MinistryAppreciationMonth #ReturnTheBlessing”


Christen wrote this about her mentor during the #ReturnTheBlessing Giveaway:

“My church's event coordinator. I don’t even know that she considers herself a mentor but I have been so blessed by her dedication, service, listening ear, and kind words. She leads by example.”


We want to thank everyone who participated in our #ReturnTheBlessing campaign this October. Thank you for letting us come alongside you during Ministry Appreciation Month with new Ministry Appreciation Ecards, lists of ways to celebrate, fun giveaways and a special coupon to shop our ministry appreciation cards and gifts. And, remember it’s never too late to say “thanks.” While October may be deemed “Ministry Appreciation Month,” let’s continue to shine light on those who work tirelessly to support, love and help others grow in their faith. Let’s not forget 1 Timothy 5:17 “The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching.”