Q&A with Josh and Lindsey Helms - Creators of Shepherd on the Search

Q&A with Josh and Lindsey Helms - Creators of Shepherd on the Search

Josh and Lindsey Helms live in Nashville, Tennessee, with their young son and daughter. They created the The Shepherd on the Search Advent Activity Set to help families, like their own, keep kids excited about the Christmas season while focusing on the birth of our Lord and Savior. To learn more, read this exclusive DaySpring Q&A interview with Shepherd on the Search creators Josh and Lindsey below:

How did you two meet?

Lindsey and I went to the same college in Florida although we never really connected there.  After I graduated she called me for some help on a song that she was asked to sing at a wedding.  We met in her car on campus and 4 hours later we still had not gone over the song!  3 months after that we were engaged.

What was your best moment together in the last year?

Watching The Shepherd On The Search come to life over the past few years has been an amazing journey.  Not long ago, we actually got to hold the final product in our hands and that was very special for us.  Although we feel like this journey is really just beginning, getting to hold the activity kit for the first time felt like the culmination to a lot of dreaming, doing, planning and prayer.  That was a great moment for us.

What does your free time look like?

When we get some we will be sure to let you know!  Seriously, like most parents, most of our free time is consumed with activities for our kids.  Between football, baseball, basketball and gymnastics and dance, we stay pretty busy.  We have always included our kids in everything we do—we are cherishing these moments watching them grow, and wouldn’t change a thing!

What are two or three things you can tell us about your heart for the Shepherd on the Search?

We hope that families have FUN with their shepherd!  This time of year can be the most exciting for kids and sometimes we get so busy that we forget what it’s like to look at Christmas through their lens. 

Also, we hope to see families get creative with how they incorporate the shepherd in their family experience.  Christmas is a great time to make memories that last a lifetime and our prayer is that including the shepherd will only enhance that.

Lastly, we hope that using the shepherd in these ways will draw the hearts of children to the real reason we celebrate Christmas—Jesus!

What do you hope DaySpring customers will take away from Shepherd on the Search?

Our heart is to redirect Christmas back to the reason we celebrate.  We feel that, for believers, this has never been as important as it is now.  With a million daily distractions, finding time to talk about baby Jesus can be difficult.  Our hope is that The Shepherd On The Search will give parents a natural, fun way to do this while still keeping Christmas exciting for their kids.  

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